May 26, 2022

BMW to Produce Masks To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

German Automaker Giant BMW has announced that the company will soon start the commercial production of Masks in the country, which will help the public to protect and the company’s staff to protect themselves from the Coronavirus Pandemic in the country, BMW Chief Executive Oliver Zipse has confirmed on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, the BMW Chief Executive has said that company would soon be able to produce thousands of Masks per day.

It is worth mentioning that the German Automaker Giant BMW has already delivered more than 150,000 Face masks and millions of medical gloves to the German Government from its existing stocks on Wednesday. The company is expected to deliver further millions of masks to Government in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the company has confirmed that production stoppage date is being extended by two weeks until April 30.

The World is badly struck by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the major economies of the World have been forced to shut down their operations to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic. Furthermore. Governments in different parts of the world have imposed the total lockdown as a countermeasure to stop the spread of this pandemic.

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