Google Fixed Major Security Flaw in Pixel 4 Smartphone

Google flagship phone Pixel 4 has caught with a serious security flaw with its face recognition unlock system. The major security flaw was caught more than 5 months after the release of the device.

Earlier in October 2019, BBC news test has found that face unlock system of Google Pixel 4 smartphone allowed complete access on a person’s device even if the user had closed their eyes.

Prominent Security Researchers have heavily criticized the flaw, as some unauthorized person could easily got access of the smartphone without the knowledge of the user.

In a bid to correct this major flaw, Google has provided the Security updates for its phone on April 6 to address this security issue. However, the security patch was not enabled by default up to 2 different Pixel 4 smartphones tested by the BBC News.

Interesting to mention that Apple also added the Face Unlock features to its phones back in 2017, but it had by default settings labelled “require attention for Face ID”.

The settings of the iPhone is switched on by default and the system checks that the user’s eyes are open and looking directly to the phone before unlocking attempt.

According to the report published in BBC, Some of the official images leaked also showed the similar settings of its face unlock system. However, the settings disappeared when the phone wen on sale back on October 24.

The Google has told the BBC that it would try its best to improve the face unlock system in its future devices in order to prevent any possible security flaw.

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