May 26, 2022

Texas Restaurant Association Appoints New Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) has announced that the association has appointed Kelsey Erickson Streufert as the New Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy.

The company’s new Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy, Kelsey Erickson, has got years of experience in higher education, public safety, business regulation, the budget, Technologies, utilities and free speech, among others.

The Texas Restaurant Association represents the Texas-based 70 billion USD restaurant industry with over 1.4 million direct jobs and 50,000 locations across the state.

Prior to joining the TRA, Ms. Kelsey Streutfert served as the General Counsel for Texas-based Senator Kirk Watson, where she oversaw 48 bills in over three legislative sessions. She has also advocated for two high-profile government transparency bills despite interests from other stakeholders.

Chief Executive Officer and the President of Texas Restaurant Association, Emily Williams Knight said, “The TRA continues to be the voice of restaurants across the state, and as we lead through the COVID-19 pandemic, effective public policy and advocacy work has never been more important.”

“Kelsey brings a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Capitol, has strong relationships across the aisle, and thoroughly comprehends legislation and its potential impact on an industry sector. I am proud to welcome Kelsey to our team and know that she will make an immediate and important impact on behalf of our members,” Emily Williams Knight further added.

Sharing her thoughts over the new appointment, the TRA new Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy, Kelsey Streutfert said, “I’m thrilled to be able to bring the knowledge and relationships I’ve developed inside the Capitol to an industry and organization that is meaningful to every single Texan.”

“Restaurants are a critical part of our community and our economy, and I’m proud to be their voice as we survive this crisis and build the industry’s future,” added Kelly.

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