Collaborates With ACK Eats To Expand Its Operations In Martha’s Vineyard And Nantucket has said that the company has collaborated with ACK Eats to expand its operations in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The company has further said that it now exclusively operates the two destinations, which can be accessed by the company’s App and website. The current management of the ACK Eats previously sticks to local first approach to expand delivery services and online ordering in the area and surrounding of Nantucky and Martha’s Vineyard.

The recent announcement is the part of the company’s rapid partnership and acquisition and comes only a week after the partnership with the Food of Your Mood that helps the company to expand its operations in Tennessee and Kentucky.

The ACK Eats was founded back in 2018 and since its foundation, the company was only limited to the food delivery services. The company offers delivery services to their clients to their homes, beach or on boats. The recent partnership helps to bring the new restaurant line to the portfolio of, including the Pizzeria Gemelle, 45 Surfside and the Thai House.

Boss of ACK Eats, Liam Bruno said, “We founded ACK Eats because there were no other options to get food delivery on Nantucket.”

“There is a strong sense of loyalty to locally owned small businesses on the islands and we’re ready to take that to the next level. We see streamlined operations and better technology as key to any sort of growth in our market,” Bruno further added.

Chief Executive Officer of, Jed Kleckner said, “We’re proud to bring customers their favorite local places, no matter where they are. The team at ACK Eats is committed to keeping things local, and dedicated to offering a convenient and efficient ordering experience on Nantucket, and on Martha’s Vineyard.”

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