October 19, 2021

Dairy.com Acquires My Dairy Dashboard

Dairy.com has said that the company has acquired the My Dairy Dashboard from joint venture partner, Virtus Nutrition. Virtus was previously using the My Dairy Dashboard to provide accessible and robust data analytic tools, products and services to the dairy producers, advisors and companies.

The technical team at the Virus Nutrition is carrying out the guidance and vision under the direction of MY Dairy Dashboard. Virtus Nutrition has launched the My Dairy Dashboard to provide new tools of data analytics design according to specification and the demands of the dairy producers.

Chief Executive Officer of Dairy.com, Scott Sexton said, “My Dairy Dashboard will be an important piece in our suite of end-to-end dairy supply chain tools.”

“Supply chains work best when all the participants are willing and able to support each other with technologies that enable frictionless data sharing, transparency, and advanced analytics. For two decades we have provided powerful, collaborative tools in the dairy industry. My Dairy Dashboard is another significant addition to our platform,” Scott further added.

The company has further added that Mitch Norby will continue to lead the dashboard inside of Dairy.com.

Norby said, “I look forward to working with the many dairy farms and enterprises that have adopted or are looking to use our technology to improve data analytics and decision support tools.”

About Dairy.com

Dairy.com is a leading provider of SaaS intelligence solutions for the Dairy market. Different clients use the company’s advisory services to drive profitable growth. The company, founded in 2000, is now a team of 120 strong employees.

About Virtus Nutrition:

Virtus Nutrition is a leading company engaged in the manufacturing innovative fatty acid for dairy livestock. The company also improves the efficiency, immune balance and reproduction with different Brand names as Strata, EnerG-3, EnerGll and Prequel.