Force Therapeutics Launches Force Intelligent Care Plan

Force Therapeutics has announced that the company has launched the Force Intelligent Care Plan to rapidly scale highly personalized care. The company has worked closely with the major healthcare centers over the past decade and has collected over 4 million data points to help healthcare professionals.

The company has added that over 90% of the recovery happens at home and it also helps to cut the expenditure due to unnecessary complication and services. Patients needed a guided physical therapy and secure communication way to interact with their doctors and healthcare professionals.

The other clients of the company included the Muve Health, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Columbia Orthopedic Group, Compass Surgical Partners and so on.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Force Therapeutics, Bronwyn Spira said, “Our comprehensive software is delivering incredible value to patients and providers. The next evolution of our technology is based on the millions of data points collected over the past decade, helping clinicians effectively improve the way patients recover throughout an episode based upon real world evidence.”

“The Force Intelligent Care PlanTM scales highly-personalized pre- & post-op care by adapting each patient’s recovery plan according to their unique needs, risk factors, and procedure type giving time back to clinicians for patients that need them most. This is the next generation of clinical intelligence; providers working with technology to deliver the best possible care to every patient,” Bronwyn Spira further added.

Assistant Professor and Orthopedic Surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Greg Pulkowski said, “At Vanderbilt, we are incredibly enthusiastic about our upcoming implementation of the Force platform.”

“Now more than ever we need to shift our ability to engage our patients digitally to minimize unnecessary travel, contact, and exposure, especially for our more vulnerable patients. Force Therapeutics is the perfect solution for us,” Greg Pulkowski further added in the statement.

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