May 26, 2022

Braille Energy Systems Inc. Announces Application of New Stock Option Plan and Stock Option Grants

Braille Energy Systems Inc., Board of Directors has adopted a new stock option plan and also announced the stock options grants. Braille Energy Systems has adopted stock option plan with 20% fixed incentive in substitute to previous rolling stock option plan.

The Company has set grant of incentive stock options according to its New Plan which is purposed as a part of compensation to the company’s directors, officers, employees and consultants.

Options are eligible to the purchase of an aggregate 9,402,451 common shares subject to the Braille Energy Systems’s New Plan in the capital of the Company. It is expected to concede for the Company’s directors, officers, employees and consultants from time to time.

While subject to the Braille Energy Systems’s New Grant, it has granted the options to purchase up to 4,695,000 Shares at an exercise price of $0.05 per share to management and staff as a company’s incentive for them after the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the shape of temporary layoff.

Braille Energy Systems Inc. holds a majority interest in an established battery-manufacturing and energy storage company which supplies batteries to the leaders of motor sports industry and known for providing lightweight high powered battery systems to the transportation market Braille Holdings Inc. Braille Energy Systems Inc. is the holder of 89.95% equity interest in Braille Holdings Inc., which carries a 100% equity interest in Braille Battery Inc.

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