May 26, 2022

CAVU Resources’ Sinacori Builders Secures a Multimillion Dollar Key 26,000-Square-Foot Charlotte Site

CAVU Resources’ wholly-owned subsidiary Sinacori Builders has become a leader in the growth and redevelopment of rapidly growing city in America, Charlotte, NC, after it achieves a 26,000-square-foot site project. The Charlotte-based real estate development and technology company announced that Sinacori Builders has secured a key 26,000-square-foot site.

CAVU Resources and its subsidiary Sinacori Builders were in collaboration with experts and analysts of the industry for preparing the launch of “Growing Together” brand in last few months. Nixon informed in Charlotte Observer “It’s the pearl of Plaza Midwood, in my opinion, and it will be the center point of the neighborhood.”

Charlotte Business Journal added, “It’s across Pecan from the 12–acre Central Square shopping center, which is poised for a massive overhaul by new owners Crosland Southeast and Nuveen Real Estate.”

The company says that CEO of Sinacori Builders Russ Sinacori worked hard to secure the opportunity.  While Mr. Russ stated, “What better city and what better location than this.  We can now, on center stage, introduce to Charlotte and the rest of the country, our Growing Together brand.”

While Chairman and CEO of CAVU Resources Bob Silver said, “We have a lot of great ideas and a great team to execute them.  We don’t believe in fear or failure and aren’t afraid of success.  Russ did an incredible job on getting this contract done.”

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