Piacente Group Opens a new Office in Miami

The Piacente Group, Inc. has announced the expansion of its US practice by opening an office in Miami, Fla. Full-service, multinational investor relations consulting firm’s office will strengthen its presence in US market and purposed to extend its East Coast investment community and the capabilities of public company.

The new opening of Miami office on Brickell Avenue is the TPG’s 5th global location while 3rd office located in US. TPG founder and president Brandi Piacente will oversee new office.

The company is growing its business globally in high profile IPO geographies like Latin America and China. Now Miamu is also an ideal location for the Florida which serves as a hub for its clients and will help in maintaining the close relationships and provide active service to its clients.

Ms. Piacente said “Well into the second half of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have far reaching impact, and many businesses across the globe are recalibrating their investor relations goals to build a strong foundation for the future. The prowess of our seasoned team at each of our locations, across the US and China, can prove invaluable for companies navigating this changing IR landscape,” Ms. Piacente concluded.

TPG works in the field of strategic IR counsel, finance, communications strategies, collaborative value creation, as well as Wall Street/investment community outreach and engagement.

Piacente Group is growing its presence by adding new offices and personnel in order to provide a backup to the growing client base. The firm continues to work in the first half of 2020 on IPO market in China with NYSE and NASDAQ newly listed companies.

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