October 19, 2021

Italian Cybersecurity Group Leonardo Announces the Signing of Software Deal to Tackle Homeworking Cyber Threats

To expand the cybersecurity offerings in order to tackle the rising number of security issues after the growth of home working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Italian cybersecurity group Leonardo has signed a partnership with a Californian software company expert in the field.

Major companies in Italy have allowed employees to work from home during the pandemic and made arrangment for remote working.

NATO’s cybersecurity partner Leonardo disclosed about the signing a deal with a renowned Californian software company Crowdstrike for its Falcon platform which has a setup purposed to detect hacking and other cybersecurity threats at an early stage that appear on wokring computers of the company .

Italian defence group  said the partnership is aimed to accelerate rapid detection of malicious attack and instantly giving a response.

Leonardo official said, “As businesses throughout the globe have transitioned employees to remote work and moved more of their operations outside corporate offices, security gaps in corporate networks have been exposed.”

Italian cyber company said Crowdstrike’s products will aggregate the Leonardo’s network of security professionals and the expertise that was acquired in its cybersecurity operation centres.