Using leadership skills as his power Idrees Kickz excels at his four online businesses at 19

As the top sneaker reseller, Idrees Kickz proves why he is the best in the business.

Many people enter and make an early exit as well in the business world; however, the ones who stay there for longer periods and make a call for themselves whilst they’re still teens are those who in no way give up on their dreams and goals. With so many companies gaining momentum of their respective fields and the emergence of younger and proficient minds and their innovative thoughts, human beings recognise what to anticipate from those younger business people who excel with their innovativeness and uniqueness. The sneaker business and reselling the same for earning large profits is an area which has produced supreme talents in the last few years. This has allowed young business personalities like Idrees Kickz from Canada to show their mettle in the e-commerce industry and the business world as a whole.

Leadership is a quality, not found in each and every person across industries, but individuals develop the same in them over the years through learning many other skills of becoming an entrepreneur getting closer to their dreams. Idrees Kickz as a sneaker entrepreneur and the founding entrepreneur of his firm ‘Woiair’ that now offers in different verticals like merchandise, real estate and digital space lays out some methods that could assist people expand their leadership skills.

• Be a good listener: Listening is a distinctive feature now no longer many have. It is, in fact, one of the most essential things a person must work toward to turn out to be a leader in the field much like Idrees Kickz did who excels at his e-commerce sneaker business.
• Gain more information: As a growing entrepreneur, Idrees Kickz indicates that one has to in no way shrink back from gaining knowledge of more modern concepts and ideas that could similarly assist a person in excelling at their endeavours. It is Idrees Kickz’s increased knowledge that helped him dive into different niches at such a young age.
• Be ready to take more projects: If at 19 years, Idrees Kickz may act as an icon to other youngsters, there’s something he is doing it right. Saying yes to newer projects only means a person is ready to take on more responsibilities and further achieve more success.
• Choose discipline: As a leading name in the industry, one must choose a disciplined life. Through discipline, one can become a more efficient leader in the industry. Idrees Kickz as the disciplined 19-year-old entrepreneur, achieved success faster with 4 of his online companies through his brand Woiair.

Utilizing various leadership skills each passing day, Idrees Kickz has certainly turned out to be a successful young businessman and a true leader across the online world.

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