3 Marketing Tips From Ahmed Sobhy for Small Businesses with Big Goals

Ahmed Sobhy is the founder of Rottweiler life and digitalmarketnews.com a digital marketing expert that has been able to carve a niche for himself in the industry.

Focusing on marketing, Sobhy takes digital marketing solutions providers by the hand, showing them ways of satisfying the needs of their clients without hurting the agency’s social media presence. Often times, owners of digital marketing agencies neglect their social media accounts while focusing on the projects of their clients. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to the firm as potential clients tend to pick agencies with great presence on social media. Consequently, having an inactive or disengaged social media account might spell doom for any digital marketing agency. Ahmed Sobhy, therefore, aims to right the wrongs by providing three tips for running a successful agency Instagram.

The three tips as highlighted by Ahmed Sobhy are as follows:

The U.S. SMALL COMPANY Relationship reported that there were 28.8 million smaller businesses in america at the start of 2016, making up for 99.7% of all businesses in the U.S. Ohio is comprised generally of smaller businesses as well, with 927,691 smaller businesses across the point out.

According to the Express of SMALL COMPANY Report, the most notable challenges smaller businesses face are employing new employees, increasing earnings, employee medical, growing revenue, and cashflow. Your enterprise may be facing similar obstacles, too, so let’s breakdown you skill to feel well informed in the success of your business.

Ensure that your website is modified and user-friendly.

Having a working and constantly updated website shouldn’t be a question these days.  Websites give your company credibility, provide customers with important info about your service or product, and undoubtedly, improve your search engine ranking positions which means that your customers will get you easier. Ensuring your website is user-friendly is just as important as having one to begin with. Optimize your website on desktop and mobile such that it is easy to navigate, nice to check out, and targets the people you want to reach. Some additional tips how to make your website user-friendly are available here.

Enhance the experience and retention of your present customers.

Existing customers know about your products and services, but with so many options on the marketplace, it is difficult to retain customer loyalty. One great way to encourage customers to keep coming back for you is through a loyalty program. E-mail marketing is also a terrific way to encourage retention. The volumes don’t lie: 91% of consumers check their email at least one time per day on their smartphones. Sending personalized deals and information about your company through email could possibly be the right step to preserve your customers. Check out our article “7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is not Dead” to get more about email marketing.

Invest in new customer acquisition activities and methods.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re aiming to expand into a fresh market, it’s important to purchase digital marketing techniques. While it might cost you up front, there can be a healthy roi over time.

Invest in internet marketing: Online advertising is one of the quickest methods to get your name out there. Internet marketing has greatly better over the years, and can specifically target the audiences that you’re looking for or that are looking for you. Reading more inside our article Concentration Digital Campaigns with Audience Targeting.

Invest in social media: Social media marketing is the buzz of the decade, specifically for the younger years, but don’t rule out everyone else: 82% of SENIORS and 91% of Gen Xers have at least one communal media account. Find out about a few reasons how public media strengthens connections with customers inside our article Join the SOCIAL WEBSITES Party.

Invest in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEO): Most people won’t go past site one of search engine. Honestly, when was the previous time you clicked on page 2 of an Google search? Getting the website showing up on the first page could make or rest your likelihood of getting clients.


The digital marketing world is ever-changing, and Advance Ohio has the tools to help your business keep up with every new development. E mail us today so we can create a customized digital marketing plan for your small business.

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