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Space Saving Furniture to the Rescue Our modern take on classic furniture design transforming the way homeowners look at furnishing small spaces! With the rise of micro-living and a greater focus on sustainability, the demand for multi-functional, durable, space saving furniture has never been higher! From tiny homes, condos, micro apartments, and everything in between, people are looking for a furniture solution that provides the most enjoyment and livability out of smaller spaces. Al Furnish dedicated its mission to providing customers with high-quality, luxurious, and appealing pieces of transformer furniture designed to maximize style out of even the most minimal spaces. For years, classic space saving furniture solutions such as Murphy beds, transformer sofas, extendable tables, or transformer chairs offered effective and functional solutions to space challenges within the home. In the 1960s construction on average was a full 2,000 square feet smaller than homes built in 2014.

As a result, furniture had to be made thoughtfully and intentionally to maximize living spaces. While transformer furniture and space saving furniture was indeed functional, it was often unsightly, unstylish, and uncomfortable – leading to its ultimate demise for decades. Today, however, smaller living and sustainable practices are exponentially rising. In response to the need for more strategic furniture, Al Furnish has helped revitalize the transformer furniture revolution by offering stylish, chic, and tremendously functional pieces of beautiful space saving furniture for all needs.


Offering a vast array of complementary pieces designed to maximize space and style in your home or office, Al Furnish has been delivering incredibly crafted, expertly designed, and meticulously constructed unique pieces of space saving furniture that you simply will not find anywhere else. Durable, stylish, and designed to deliver maximum functionality in minimal spaces, we are proud to embrace the furniture styles of yesterday and deliver a more comfortable and modern take on these space saving classics. Your space might be small, but with the versatility of Al Furnish designs, we are able to help you live large!

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