Fariba Rahimi Ends 2020 With A Prayer for The Lives Lost to COVID-19

On the eve of December 23rd, 2020, Fariba Rahimi shared this story on her official
Instagram account, saying a prayer for all the people who lost their families, lovers and
friends in 2020.
The year 2020 has undoubtedly been a test of our patience and courage. With nearly 2 million
deaths worldwide and almost 80 million cases, this year has been quite an eye-opening year for
all of us. It is so hard to believe that something as unpredictable and tiny as this virus could
bring the entire humankind to their knees.
This is why Fariba dedicated this Christmas to those who lost their loved ones. The Norwegian
model took to Instagram and uploaded a series of stories, just days before Christmas to share
her deep condolences for the lives lost. She said a prayer for those poor souls who lost their
loved ones in the blink of an eye. Surely, this Christmas will not be the same for anyone.
It all began in February, 2020 when things started to get serious and businesses and
educational institutes had to shut down worldwide. None of us were prepared to put our lives on
hold. We were forced to isolate ourselves from our loved ones and live in solitary for an
unknown period of time. That alone was enough to drive a sane person crazy.
To top all of that, millions of lives were lost around us. We had to let our loved ones go without
even seeing them for one last time, without even saying goodbye. We had to see multiple
people from the same families dying. We saw how businesses declared bankruptcy and how
thousands of employees were laid off.
In her Instagram story, Fariba also applauded the people who kept themselves isolated and
sacrificed their freedom, social life and plans to keep others around them safe. She said that the
real and unsung heroes are those who stayed home and followed all of the SOP’s so that not
one person was jeopardized by them.

The model also applauded all of the health line workers around the world in her Instagram story.
Having to put your own and your family’s life at risk every day requires the strongest of hearts.
She said that the number of health line workers who lost their lives were greater. They
knowingly risked their everything just to keep others well. That is something worth mentioning.
Fariba sends her love and best wishes in this story near Christmas, by sending a virtual kiss as
a token of her love for all of us who survived 2020. She knows that it took so much to just make

it out alive.
Even though the pandemic had halted all of the business activities in the world, Fariba’s year
was quite happening. The model travelled to Italy for work after the country was reopened post
lockdown. Italy had been one of the worst affected countries with hundreds of people dying
every day. But as things got under control and businesses were reopened, the people tried their
best to not let history repeat.
When Fariba visited Italy in September, she was glad to see that the SOP’s were strictly
followed everywhere. All of her shoots had minimum staff. While she missed sets full of people,
she was very happy to see that all the necessary measures were being taken to keep everyone
safe. The model spent quite a productive time in Italy, appearing in various shoots and doing big
projects. The model herself made sure that she followed all the SOP’s.
This Christmas, Fariba requests everyone around the world to stay patient just like they have all
year around. She acknowledges how difficult it is to stay away from family during this time of the
year, but she also reminds us that the pandemic is not over.
She pays a tribute on her Instagram story to all of the ones who were affected by the pandemic;
the ones who died, the ones who lost their families, friends and lovers, the ones who lost their
jobs and businesses, the ones who worked day and night at hospitals while risking their own
lives, and the ones who sacrificed their social lives and stayed home all year around to stop the
virus from spreading.

Let’s hope and pray for a better year. Although this is not a merry year, Merry Christmas
everyone! Stay home and stay safe.

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