Chrome Canary improves the experience of finding closed tabs

The most popular web browser currently on the market, Google Chrome has many advantages. But the most important reason is that it provides a relaxing experience that many competitors do not. Recently, it has been reported that Google is testing a new feature on Chrome Canary so that users can more easily reopen tabs that were accidentally closed.

As the first proving ground of the Chrome browser, not all the features that have appeared on the Canary branch will eventually move towards the stable channel.


However, the earlier “tab search” button still appears to the left of the “minimize” button at the top of the window. With this button, you can easily view, search, and navigate to all opened tabs.


Interestingly, in the latest Canary branch, we found that the menu also displays a list of tabs that the user has recently closed. Although many people don’t necessarily need this feature, the experience of allowing fast scrolling is quite good.

For keyboard parties, you can still use the Ctrl + Shift + T key combination to restore the tabs that have just been closed (Command + Shift + T key combination on Mac). But if you want to find the closed tabs earlier, the related operations are not so convenient.


Interested friends can go to Google’s official website to download version 91.0.4472.0 of Chrome Canary to experience it.

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