September 26, 2021

Google programmers carelessly miss one character: a large number of Chromebooks can’t unlock the device

Recently, Google has pushed ChromeOS 91 for Chromebook, the specific version number is 91.0.4772.165.

However, this update has a major bug that caused the user’s ChromeBook to fail to unlock normally, and the official has urgently cancelled the update.

Most users reported that after updating to this version, even if they entered the correct password when logging in, they were still stuck on the lock screen, unable to enter the desktop normally, and some devices even restarted cyclically.

The developer found from the source code on Google’s official website that this problem was caused by a low-level error.

It can be seen from the figure below that the “&&” between the two conditions is judged, but the programmer missed a “&”, which caused the system to fail to decrypt and log in to the device normally.

Now Google has urgently released a repair patch to solve this low-level error.