Apple launched a new magic keyboard: support Touch ID, starting at 1049 yuan

In the early hours of this morning, Apple suddenly entered the maintenance state for the Apple Store (official website, Apple Store application), etc., the interface has made some adjustments, and a separate “Store” section has been added to the home page.


Before the update, Apple also put on the latest product-the new Magic Keyboard .


Including, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (for Macs equipped with Apple chips), priced at 1049 yuan; Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and numeric keypad (for Macs equipped with Apple chips), The price is 1249 yuan.


Prior to this, the Magic Keyboard that supports Touch ID can only be obtained by purchasing a new 24-inch iMac . It can now be purchased separately, but it can only be used with a Mac equipped with an Apple chip with macOS 11.4 or later.


Apple said that the Magic Keyboard is now equipped with Touch ID. Using this identity authentication method to log in or pay is fast and simple, safe and reliable, and can bring a more accurate and comfortable input experience.


At the same time, its keyboard layout has been extended, adding document browsing control keys for fast scrolling, and full-size arrow keys for easy game operation. The numeric keypad is also ideal for using spreadsheets and financial applications.


According to the official introduction, the new Magic Keyboard comes with a battery that can be used for about a month or more per full charge; it can be automatically paired with the user’s Mac, so that users can start using it immediately, and comes with a braided USB-C to Lightning Connect the line.


It should be noted that there is news that although the new Magic Keyboard is compatible with Intel’s version of Mac products, the Touch ID function is not adapted and can only achieve basic input functions. It is the same as the old keyboards of 699 yuan and 899 yuan. The experience is the same.

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