Elliott Owen Lipinsky sports the dual tag of a successful attorney and an author 

Elliott Owen Lipinsky

Elliott Owen Lipinsky has made good headway since 2013, as a reputed attorney based in Selma serving the West Alabama region. He has completed his education from the University of Alabama. The Law Offices of Elliott Owen Lipinsky has a team of dedicated professionals, who handle criminal and personal representation throughout West Alabama. Their rich years of legal experience, include catering to a wide section of clients. They offer their services to all clients, irrespective of whether they are small, medium or big clients. They are noted for their innovative services and professional ease of handling high profile cases. Their key services include legal advice on corporate law and tax law. Their experience and years of exceptional service have earned them a loyal client base.

Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Elliott Owen Lipinsky

After having etched a distinct imprint of success in the legal world, Elliott Owen Lipinsky, donned the mantle of an author. The transition from the world of legal and fact ridden reality to a world of fantasy as the author of a children’s fun book – “Space Pup & the Fantastic Adventures of the Fearless, Handsome & Brilliant Commander Elrod Cannon & His Loving Happy Normal Human Family and Earth Cat Sprocket” took place in November 2020. This fun, well-illustrated book, appeals to readers in the age group of 3 – 18 years. This book spans a print length of 55 pages, and is written in the English language. Easily available on Amazon Prime with a kindle edition priced at $1.99, this book has won the hearts of its readers.

With this book, Elliott Owen Lipinsky has very easily, combined two professions in his stride. The first one is rooted in the real world which draws on his professional competence and expertise, and the second on his creativity and imagination!


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