September 26, 2021

Biden will host a discussion on cybersecurity issues, Apple and Microsoft CEOs will attend

On August 24, according to foreign media reports, US President Biden plans to host a meeting on Wednesday to discuss how the company can improve network security following the recent wave of digital certificate certification authorities and ransomware attacks. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy will attend the meeting.

In addition, CEOs of other large technology companies, banks, energy companies, and water supply companies have also received invitations to participate, including Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and Southern Power Corporation.


It is reported that the meeting is scheduled to be held on Wednesday afternoon local time. Although it is not clear what the president and attendees will discuss specifically, in view of the sharp increase in the number of large-scale ransomware and online attacks in the past year, executives may still discuss key foundations. What can facilities companies do to enhance network security.