Pakistan’s Award-Winning Blogger; M. Tanveer Nandla Interview – The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur

Pakistan’s Award-Winning Blogger; M. Tanveer Nandla Interview - The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur


From being Broke to becoming an Internet Marketer, M. Tanveer Nandla’s Journey is Inspiring Everyone.

An Interview With M. Tanveer Nandla the Founder of iSkills:

This article is about M. Tanveer Nandla, an award winner Pakistani blogger. We interviewed him to learn more about what inspires and motivates him so that we can be inspired as well.

M. Tanveer Nandla, a well-acclaimed Pakistani award winner blogger says that if you want to live larger than life then the best way is by giving opportunities and resources to others. He owns iSkills and eJustice. This interview will shine some light on who he truly is which makes him such an inspiration for many people out there like himself!

Those who understand their significance in the world, want to grow out of miseries, and don’t really care about obstacles are always ahead of time. They live more lives than others because they’re hubs for opportunities that aren’t given but created by themselves—obviously then also for many other people too! Life is all about experimenting and expediting. It either cultivates personalities or shackles them into pieces, leaving nothing noteworthy in the end.

Interviewer: Some of us are lucky enough to start from the already carved structure in the field they want to pursue their careers. What was your life like?

M. Tanveer Nandla: I was born in a small village on the outskirts of Punjab, Pakistan. At birth I encountered a heart disease which was taken care of later. Since my schooling from government school wasn’t very good and I wasn’t much into studies, I had to try repeatedly for high-school certification several times before getting it right at 18 years old when I began studying computer sciences instead. I left engineering after that but continued learning about computers until one day while taking programming languages classes where they also taught basics about them understanding became clear how important knowing these things were going to be. That was the time when I understood that computers and related studies really fascinate me.


Interviewer: There is always a driving force or kickstart to start something. What was your inspiration and how you landed on your first ever online earning?

M. Tanveer Nandla: Once I completed my graduation in 2010, social media was already a part of my life. When I learned about how website owners generate revenue, it wasn’t long until Google AdSense entered the picture for me and started making money like a pro! However when creating and launching my first site (which failed) showed that failure is also necessary to succeed on your own path towards independence.


Interviewer: Vision is important to make or break a person. What do you say about that and what are your aims and visions of professional life?

M. Tanveer Nandla:

When I was studying engineering, it became clear to me that my vision for the future involved a pivot point. It made sense for me to pursue computer studies instead of continuing on with engineering and waiting until after graduation before making this decision since there were opportunities in digital marketing which would be available sooner rather than later. Digital marketing is where I’m hoping to make an impact as well as provide opportunity by enabling freelancers who can thrive online.


Interviewer: Failure is the stepping stone of success, that is a known fact. What kind of challenges did you face to achieve a dream life filled with successful ventures?

“Yes! Without failure you can’t reach the defined success point. There’s no short cut and I went through challenges, including not having enough funds for school.”


Interviewer: We know you are known for many reasons. Can you share all that you have achieved in these years?

“Yes.  I faced several challenges, including my family’s disapproval of him choosing computer sciences. Without failure you cannot reach the defined success point and there are no short cuts to it; you have to go through all kinds of experiences before reaching the peak of a mountain.”


M. Tanveer Nandla is a young entrepreneur who has started several businesses and wants to help others do the same. He posts about his experiences on Instagram, Facebook, and at

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