Under market uncertainties, Hong Kong investors are willing to exchange risks for returns–Schroder

Hong Kong investors

The latest research published by Schroders found that despite market uncertainties, more than 70% of Hong Kong investors still intend to invest in high-risk or newer assets in the past 12 months Categories, including virtual currencies.


The annual survey covers more than 23,000 investors (including 500 Hong Kong investors) in 33 regions around the world. The results of the risk-focused research show that many people have invested or considered investing in assets that were considered too risky in the past in pursuit of returns.


Among them, electric vehicle-related stocks and funds, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical stocks or funds are widely welcomed by Hong Kong investors. 81% of Hong Kong respondents expressed interest in these two types of assets. Another 71% of Hong Kong investors expressed interest in newer assets such as virtual currencies. In addition, 26% of Hong Kong investors stated that they have only set foot in the above three investment categories for the first time in the past year.


“It can be seen from our research that many investors in Hong Kong believe that they need to take more risks in exchange for returns, and the challenges faced by the economic environment in the past year are likely to be one of the reasons.” Schroeder Investments Asia Multi-asset Management Director Yu Xueyu said.


However, from a regional perspective, investors in Asia appear to be more aggressive than Hong Kong investors. Overall, 49% of Hong Kong investors who said they would make higher-risk investments in a low interest rate environment are less than 59% of the Asian region as a whole. 

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