Hogwarts Legacy Release Date: What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be on?

hogwarts legacy release date

There are now even more reasons to be enthusiastic about the open-world RPG set in the Potterverse, according to the most recent Hogwarts Legacy sneak peek.

Players will have the opportunity to enrol in the magical school and reap the rewards of receiving a training in potions, broom control, and herbology this Christmas season thanks to Hogwarts Legacy.

There won’t be any encounters between classes with Harry, Hermione, or Ron because the game is set in the late 1800s.

According to the legend, even Albus Dumbledore wasn’t born until 1881, giving the Avalanche Software team the ability to introduce a completely new cast of characters while maintaining the integrity of the setting. You won’t run into the famed trio or even Dumbledore because the story takes place in the late 1800s.

Hogwarts Legacy Poster
Hogwarts Legacy Poster

Hogwarts Legacy was initially announced at the September 2020 PS5 demonstration, but since then the game has been postponed until late this year due to criticism regarding the participation of the original author of the book series, J.K. Rowling. Hogwarts Legacy might appear at some point during E3 2022, even though we recently saw an update, as more showcases have been added to the E3 2022 calendar in recent months.

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Hogwarts Legacy Expected Gameplay

You will play as a fully customisable fifth-year student who joins the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry late in the Hogwarts Legacy plot. You also possess the key to a “ancient secret that threatens to split the wizarding realm apart,” it turns out. You have the ability to work with enigmatic, ancient magic, and you’ll need to assist in figuring out why this lost art has recently become popular as well as who is simultaneously attempting to use it.

This takes place several years before the Hogwarts that we are familiar with, in the late 1800s. Despite not being a direct adaptation of the novels or movies, Hogwarts Legacy will be “anchored in Wizarding World lore,” which means that Harry, Ron, or Hermione won’t be appearing in this journey.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

According to Warner Bros. Games, in addition to experiencing life as a Hogwarts student, you’ll “embark on a perilous mission to unearth a hidden reality of the wizarding world.” The creators of the game, Portkey Games and Avalanche, have crafted a brand-new, completely unseen tale with a frightening adversary to be defeated.

John Blackburn, studio general manager of Avalanche, said, “It’s really a pleasure to work on such a fantastic franchise and the team is determined to create an authentic Wizarding World experience that both Harry Potter and RPG fans will appreciate. Because it enables players to get fully immersed in a brand-new story with intricate characters and, of course, magic, Hogwarts Legacy is unique.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date
Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

The producers have announced that the Hogwarts Legacy release date will occur over the holiday season at the end of 2022, and pre-orders are already open at retailers like GAME and Argos.

Although a specific day or month has not yet been determined, we believe that a release in December, shortly before Christmas, would make the most sense given the relationship between Potter and the holiday celebrations that was emphasised in each of the novels and films.

What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be on?

The PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 Pro, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC will all be able to play Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Pre Order

Hogwarts Legacy Pre Order
Hogwarts Legacy Pre Order

In fact, preorders for Hogwarts Legacy have started. You may go to GAME and Argos, to name just two locations, to make sure you obtain a copy of the game on release day this winter. Nearer the time, more stores should add their product pages.

The cost of Hogwarts Legacy appears to be £69.99 GBP for the next-generation edition and £59.99 for the previous-generation version. The next-generation version will likely have better graphics and quicker loading times than the current version.

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Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

Fans of the wizarding world were ecstatic to see familiar locations in this game’s debut video, which was unveiled during the PlayStation 5 showcase event. Check out the stunning trailer below while you wait for the exact Hogwarts Legacy release date to be announced.

People Also Ask: Question and Answer

Will Hogwarts Legacy ever come out?

Originally scheduled for release at some point in 2021, Hogwarts Legacy won’t be available until 2022 due to a recent postponement. The PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC versions of the game will be available.

What is the official release date of Hogwarts Legacy?

Currently, Holiday 2022 is the scheduled release date for Hogwarts Legacy. However, it appears that the Xbox schedule for the upcoming year has provided eager wizards with an indication as to when the game will be released. Xbox advertises titles coming out in the following 12 months in the graphic. Thankfully, it divides the games between 2022 and 2023.

Does Hogwarts Legacy support J.K. Rowling?

According to the Hogwarts Legacy website, “her staff” is involved although J. K. Rowling isn’t actively involved. However, Rowling will surely receive royalties from all Harry Potter IPs.

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