Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date: All You Need To Know

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release

The sixth and final season of Animal Kingdom’s trailer has been released by TNT, and it’s jam-packed with action and a few major spoilers.

The Cody boys learn in the final season that no matter how hard they try, they can never escape their history. In the clip, one of the brothers says, “May we all get what we desire and never what we deserve.”

“May we all receive what we desire, never what we are due.” Ironic, you say? But given everything the Cody family has done to grow its syndicate, what Smurf described is accurate. And trust us, you are missing out on a lot if you have no idea what we are talking about.

For those who are unfamiliar, Animal Kingdom is an American criminal drama that follows the matriarch of the Cody crime family, Janine “Smurf” Cody. Fans have been guessing about the sixth season of the show since the fifth season of the show finished airing.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date 

13 episodes make up Animal Kingdom’s sixth season. The first episode of Season 6 aired on June 19, 2022. The conclusion of the series will debut on August 28, 2022. For viewers, that is disheartening. There are a few episode names and air dates.

  1. First episode: “1992”
  2. Availability: June 19, 2022
  3. Second episode, “Rise”
  4. Availability: June 19, 2022
  5. “Pressure and Time,” the third episode
  6. Availability: June 26, 2022
  7. Release Date for “Inside Man” Episode 4: June 26, 2022
  8. Release date for episode five, “Covet,” is July 3, 2022.

Despite the fact that two episodes have already aired, we only have five episode updates.

The sixth season of the aforementioned series, according to a tweet on the official Animal Kingdom Twitter account, will debut on June 19, 2022.

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About Animal Kingdom Season 6 and the entire cast roster, not much is known. However, it is a given that the following cast members will return for the future season:

  • Young Leila George Smurf Janine Cody
  • Andrew “Pope” as played by Shawn Hatosy Cody
  • Joshua “J” played by Finn Cole Cody
  • Craig is Ben Robson. Cody
  • As Deran, Jake Weary Cody
Animal Kingdome Season 6 Cast


According to the official Animal Kingdom season 6 summary,

The Cody brothers learn that they cannot escape their past in the concluding season of TNT’s suspenseful family crime thriller. A cold case inquiry sparks a chain of events that puts the entire family in danger as their empire grows. Six seasons in the making, an explosive denouement is brought on by retaliation, betrayal, and a confrontation with long-forgotten brutality.

Even after trying to live a lawful and simple life, it seems like the Codys’ ghosts from the past are all set to return and torment them. Check out the final season as soon as it premieres to see how the six-season series will conclude.


Nobody, not even the Codys, can escape their past.

Ahead of episodes 3 and 4, episodes 1 and 2 have already broadcast. And now we know what will happen in the upcoming episode. Deran and Pope will search for Craig in the third episode, “Pressure and Time.”

J also makes the suggestion of selling Gia’s gems, much to the chagrin of Smurf. While Andrew joins the Church, Julia accepts a job at the mall.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Storyline
Animal Kingdom


There is, without a doubt. On June 2, 2022, TNT posted the official trailer for the last season to their YouTube channel. At the same time, the release date was also confirmed. The season’s predicted events are hinted at in the teaser, and they certainly seem dramatic and action-packed.

The last season’s two major returns are also hinted to in the teaser, which depicts the Codys moving in a new direction in search of a new beginning. Along with Scott Speedman from Grey’s Anatomy, Denis Leary reprises his role as Deran’s drunken father and portrays the late Baz.

The teaser also depicts the chaos that follows Nick’s kidnapping and Detective Thompson’s (Moran Atias) determined efforts to get Pope to confess to Catherine’s slaying. What was supposed to be the DEA agent’s body at the end of Season 5 turned revealed to be Catherine, Baz’s wife, in a surprising twist.

The theme for the remainder of the season is set by Smurf’s toast in the final season trailer, “May we all get what we desire and never what we deserve.”

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