Inside The Sneaky Nod to Ted Lasso in Episode 5 From The Bosses Of Evil

Evil Bosses Take Us Inside Episode 5's Cheeky Nod to Ted Lasso

There may be a “Believe” sign taped on Evil Sheryl’s office door.

A Ted Lasso hallmark joke was evoked in Sunday’s episode of the Paramount+ horror thriller, which – affectionately! — turned it into something evil.

Evil Bosses Take Us Inside Episode 5's Cheeky Nod to Ted Lasso

An overview: Sheryl (Christine Lahti) was shocked when Leland (Michael Emerson) sailed into their boss’s office and tried to claim credit for the company’s success as the demonic cryptocurrency Makob soared in value. When she sought to get on The Manager’s (the show’s name for him) schedule, his assistant thwarted her every effort. To obtain access to the boss, she paid the receptionist with an enormous Makob pile of her own and then entered the room with a modest gift: light pink bakery box filled with a small batch of shortbread cookies.
For Ted Lasso fans, it was no surprise that the pastries were so reminiscent to the ones that Ted sends to his boss, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), every day as a “Biscuit with the Boss” gesture. However, here is where the two shows differ. Although only Sheryl and Leland have the ability to view The Manager in his full form, Sheryl quickly learnt that her new boss is a five-eye, cloven-hoofed, horned, stinking, and ill-tempered demon.

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While The Manager worked out on his in-office elliptical trainer and whined about his Sweetgreen salad being late, she battled her surprise and repulsion long enough to make her case for promotion. In the course of a subsequent visit, he not only ate her biscuits in the most disgusting manner imaginable, but also commanded her to use a back-scratcher on him and smacked her on the behind.

When Sheryl returned after the second meeting, she was obviously frightened, and Leland said, “Welcome to the team.” She questioned if she was going through some kind of mental collapse. “Absolutely,” he answered with a smile.

TVLine got in touch with the show’s co-creators, Robert and Michelle King, to learn more about the biscuits’ origin..

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