Are Bradley Cooper And Huma Abedin Really Dating?

Are Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Really Dating?

I had no idea this was going to happen. Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin are allegedly dating, according to a new claim from “Page Six.” According to reports, they were put together by Anna Wintour. What am I supposed to be doing here?

Page Six reports that the editor of Vogue is “BFFs” with Cooper and tight with Abedin, and that she played a “matchmaker” role. According to the story, “Bradley has been secretly dating Huma for a few months now, [and] they have been keeping it pretty quiet.” A “new guy” has been mentioned in passing by Abedin, but the name of this person has not been made public. It’s like they were made for each other, according to a source. Power, politics, and human affairs are all things that interest them both. The two of them are both single parents, as well. There is one 5-year-old daughter shared between Cooper and Irina Shayk, and one 10-year-old daughter shared between Abedin and her ex Anthony Weiner.

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When it comes to how Anna Wintour is involved in this, it’s a little unclear, but “Page Six” stated that Cooper and Abedin appeared together at the Met Gala, which is Wintour’s hallmark event.

In addition, the timing is a little hazy. Two months ago, Dianna Agron was supposedly seeing Cooper, and “Page Six” stated that they had been dating for a few months. Cooper and Agron may have been dating at the time of the Met Gala, which Abedin was said to have attended. Hmm!

Both Abedin and Cooper’s representatives have refused to comment on the report. Maybe legendary matchmaker Anna Wintour can shed some light on the situation.

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