Nephew’s “Sexual And Romantic Relationship” Claims Denied By Ricky Martin

Nephew's "Sexual and Romantic Relationship" Claims Denied by Ricky Martin

Singer Ricky Martin has vehemently denied charges that he physically mistreated his nephew, calling them ‘not only inaccurate, but also nasty.” He said that he never had a’sexual or romantic contact with his nephew Puerto Rico.'” Early in July, a restraining order was imposed on Martin in Puerto Rico. Domestic violence was referenced in the decree.

Nephew's "Sexual and Romantic Relationship" Claims Denied by Ricky Martin

Singer’s lawyer responded to the allegations by telling Variety the following: “Ricky Martin, of course, has never had a sexual or romantic connection with his nephew, and he never will. This notion is repulsive on top of being false. We’re all rooting for this guy to obtain the assistance he so desperately needs. Above all, we hope that the court will throw out this horrible case without further delay.”

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It was claimed on TMZ on Friday that Eric Martin, the singer’s brother, identified the alleged victim as Martin’s nephew, who is 21 years old. Marca, a Spanish news outlet, was cited by TMZ. A lawyer who represents the family claims that Martin’s nephew is afflicted by mental health issues.
The petitioner had not been recognised when the restraining order was first submitted on July 2. According to El Vocero, Martin had been seeing this person for seven months at the time of the incident. According to ‘Variety,’ the petitioner claimed that Martin had rejected the breakup and had been seen around their house on multiple occasions.

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