Is David Bromstad In A Relationship: Is He Still With Jeffrey Glasko?

david bromstad relationship

Television personality David Bromstad, who is 46 years old, made his debut with HGTV’s Design Star when he first came to public attention. The former Disney illustrator currently stars in a number of other series in addition to his work for Disney.

David is also well-known for the countless tattoos that cover almost every surface of his body. During a period of time, he had a love relationship with Jeffrey Glasko.

However, this came to a violent end, and the parties involved are no longer companions. Does this mean that David Bromstad has a second boyfriend?

Is he currently wed to someone else? Discover the answer to that question as we investigate David’s love life in exhaustive detail.

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About David Bromstad

david bromstad early life

The youngest of Diane Marlys Bromstad and Richard Harold David Bromstad’s four children, Dean Richard Bromstad, Dynelle Renee Bromstad, and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad, David Bromstad was born in Cokato, Minnesota.

Since he was young, he had been fascinated in painting and design, and while a student at Wayzata High School, he first realised his desire to become a Disney animator.

For his graduation, he went to the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, which is renowned for placing graduates at Disney. His career as a Disney illustrator followed his graduation.

David Bromstad Personal Life Details

The coming-out celebration that David Bromstad threw for himself did not go exactly as he had anticipated. Concerning his sexual orientation, there were a lot of stories floating around at the time. In 2013, David finally spoke up to shed some light on the situation.

He did not choose the appropriate time to act, which is unfortunate. His declaration took place at the same time as an event hosted by the Salvation Army. After David made the announcement that he had been seeing the same lover for the past eight years, he came under fire for distracting people’s attention from the event itself.

david bromstad personal life

David received praise for his bravery; nonetheless, he was criticised for the inappropriate timing of his actions. In an interview with the Miami Herald, he stated that despite the fact that he knew for a fact that the announcement would be contentious, he did not feel any regret about making it.

David Bromstad and the rest of his team, on the other hand, were of the opinion that it would be beneficial for him to leave. During this period, the Salvation Army was actively working to strengthen its ties to the LGBT community in order to better serve them.

Is David Bromstad got married?

David Bromstad has not yet exchanged vows with another individual, thus it is safe to say that he is not a married guy.

Despite this, he has been in a few relationships that have lasted for a considerable amount of time. David’s longest lover stayed by his side for close to a decade during their time together. At the time, he is seeing someone else for romantic purposes.

Davis Bromstad and his relation with Jeffrey Galsko

On Valentine’s Day years ago, David Bromstad first met Jeffrey Glasko, his future partner. This occurred in 2004 at an all-singles mixer/partner in Orlando, where many showed up looking for future boyfriends.

Surprisingly, David had been smitten with his future spouse for years but had stayed silent about it. But they didn’t actually meet until that crucial party on February 14th. David and his prospective boyfriend clicked nearly right away.

Prior to the relationship becoming strained due to reported drinking issues, Jeffrey was his partner for well over a decade.

David Bromstad and Jeffery Glasko

David and his partner made the decision to end their relationship in writing after almost ten years of dating. Many were surprised by this because they had believed they were close to being married.

But there was a lot going on behind the scenes that the general public was unaware of. Even so, Jeffrey would represent his friend in a civil court. He claimed that David had violated their oral cohabitation agreement, which was similar to a nuptial, and divided the home they shared.

Jeffrey Glasko said in court that his ex-boyfriend had hurt him not just emotionally but also financially. He alleged that David, his companion, had sunk into a world of drug use, sex, and drinking. David, according to Jeffrey’s counsel, spent their life savings to support this risky way of life.

Jeffrey continued by claiming that David Bromstad would even use family savings to pay prostitutes. He claimed that this utterly destroyed their trust and resulted in the breakdown of their relationship.

The charges and action, however, were fully dismissed by a judge in Miami. He claimed in his report that there was insufficient proof to back up the absurd allegations.

Who is Jeffrey Glasko?

Because of his association with television broadcaster David Bromstad, Jeffrey Glasko was propelled into the spotlight. What about him? On his LinkedIn profile, Jeffrey identified himself as the COO and project manager of David Bromstad LLC.

We are confident that this is not the case now that he and David have broken up. Jeffrey used to work as a policeman until he started dating his ex-boyfriend.

jeffrey glasko

He spent nearly five years working for the Miami Police Department, according to reports. He transitioned from being a regular police officer to a uniformed patrolman, then a detective, and finally a SWAT Team Leader as a result of this. For a very long time, Jeffrey also aspired to a career in police enforcement.

Life offered him a different route when he met David. On David’s social media pages, particularly Instagram, where the latter posted countless photos, Jeffrey frequently made an appearance. Like his ex-partner, Jeffrey is in excellent physical condition.

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In Miami, Florida, Jeffrey Glasko was born in 1966. Jeffrey Glasko, who is currently writing this, is 53 years old. Being a quiet individual, as opposed to his ex-boyfriend David, there aren’t many details available about his family.

In terms of Jeffrey’s educational history, we discovered that he attended Roger Williams University. He enrolled in the college in 1988 and completed his three years there, earning a degree in corrections and criminal justice in 1990.

He then began studying Police Science at Old Dominion College. Jeffrey Glasko was required to obtain licences in Community Policing, POP, and CPTED before he could graduate from the police academy. Jeffrey is a Caucasian man, as we discovered when we looked into his racial background.

Is David Bromstad is in relationship?

David is not currently engaged or dating anyone. He frequently discloses whether he is dating by posting photos of his boyfriends on Instagram. He hasn’t shared anyone’s photo on Instagram, though, in a while. Therefore, we assume that Bromstad is currently enjoying being single.

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