Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Release Delayed?

sea of thieves season 7

Rare, the company behind Sea of Thieves, has stabilised the ship since its stormy start in 2018. The switch to a seasonal content approach has worked incredibly well for the game, and Season 7 is expected to further alter the pirate adventure.

However, Rare revealed in an early morning announcement that the premiere of the newest season has been postponed until later this summer.

During the Xbox Showcase that took place last month, Season 7 of Sea of Thieves was revealed. The newest season was expected to bring forth a lot of aesthetic modifications to the pirate game.

The new season, aptly named Captaincy, will let players to make significant modifications to their ships, including renaming them and customising the appearance of their staterooms.

Additionally, a new sort of money will be introduced to make selling loot simpler. Originally scheduled to begin on July 21, the season now begins on August 1.

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First-person action-adventure. The player chooses a procedurally generated avatar at the start of the game. The game’s shared environment implies players will meet during their excursions.

Solo and duet players sail an agile sloop, while group players manage a larger brigantine or galleon collectively by assuming multiple responsibilities such as steering, manning guns, navigating, boarding opposing ships, and scouting from the crow’s nest.

sea of thieves season 7 gameplay

The ship’s loadout, hull, figurehead, sails, and captain’s quarters can be saved and customised. Sometimes hostile players assault with cannonballs or board ships. If water gets under the deck, the ship will sink. Patch holes with wood boards and bail water with buckets.

Players can form alliances. When an alliance group completes a voyage, they get gold bonuses. An alliance doesn’t prohibit players from assaulting. If a player dies, they’re sent to the Ferry of the Damned until they respawn.

In the Anniversary update, a competitive multiplayer game called “Arena” was included. Up to six teams compete by amassing silver on smaller areas. This game mode was removed due to minimal player participation.

Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance offer cruises. Gold Hoarders quests provide players a treasure map or riddle to find a treasure. Order of Souls journeys solely involve battle. Merchant Alliance tasks require players to deliver products to vendors quickly.

Three factions exist. Hunter’s Call and Reaper’s Bones don’t give quests. The Hunter’s Call rewards players who bring cooked fish and meat, especially unusual fish. To ascend in the Reaper’s Bones’ ranks, players must deliver them cursed treasures or stolen flags.

sea of thieves season 7 player

Players must deliver treasure chests to the quest-giving faction, but they are vulnerable and can be grabbed by other players. Completing journeys earns gold for cosmetics. The Pirate Emporium store sells pets, emotes, and cosmetic goods for real money.

Doubloons acquired by completing commendations from the Bilge Rats can be sold for gold or reputation. Tall Tales are story missions added in the Anniversary update. Completing tasks yields reputation points, which unlock more challenging quests and cosmetics.

When players attain rank 50 with three of the six trading businesses, they acquire the title of “pirate legend,” which provides them additional cosmetic items, a pirate hideout, and a special trade firm called Athena’s Fortune.

The open environment can be explored alone or with others. When exploring a new place, players can find bananas, coconuts, mangos, wood planks, and cannonballs. Weaponized rowboats may carry freight while avoiding risks.

Cutlasses, pistols, blunderbusses, and sniper rifles may kill skeletons and sharks. When sailing, players may meet thunderstorms, shipwrecks, messages in bottles, skeletal ships, ghost fleets, or the megalodon and kraken.

Skull-shaped clouds represent Skeleton Forts, server-wide raids. Players can communicate with emotes and a text-and-voice system. They perform music and drink at bars. Anniversary update adds fishing, hunting, and cooking.

What’s new in the Sea Of Thieves Season 7?

The contents of this generous gentleman’s scroll will likely have already caught the attention of fans, but let’s look more closely at what season 7 has in store. In particular, the following is written on the parchment:

Sea of Thieves Season 7 new update
  • Become the captain of your own ship
  • Customise and decorate your Captain’s Cabin
  • Name your vessel and present it on the Ship’s Crest
  • Set sail on special Captain’s Voyages
  • Save your customisations for future adventures
  • Play as Captain or Crew and earn rewards
  • Easily sell your loot to the Sovereigns
  • Chronicle your journey in the Captain’s Log
  • Choose your path with different playstyles

What does that signify, then? The eagerly anticipated promise of “Captaincy” is the biggest thing on the horizon. Players can now choose to be or elect themselves as the ship’s captain, with the rest of the players serving as the crew. Rewards and potential accomplishments connected to the activities are also brought about by this.

There are many aspects to becoming a captain. First, you can name the ship you’re in charge of and embellish your Captain’s Cabin with ornaments you find on adventures.

Even a Captains Log is included, but we’re not sure how it will function in the game. There will be more journeys, particularly Captain’s Voyages, which have not yet been described in depth. Most likely, the prizes will be accessories for the cabin’s interior.

sea of thieves season 7 new features

Players will be able to readily sell their loot to the Sovereigns, which is a very useful update that was discussed. A loadable platform on a crane that could be raised and lowered between ships and the jetties of the outposts was shown in the trailer.

For certain crucial missions, this will be a huge time and stress saver, especially if an enemy spacecraft is pursuing you.

Additionally, the official roadmap reveals even more “new ways to play and grow,” indicating that there will be much more in subsequent seasons.

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When Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Will be Release?

Executive producer Joe Neate provides an update on the status of the season in a developer post. Neate emphasises the team’s realisation that many of the impending modifications needed additional time to be developed as the launch date drew nearer, in addition to expressing excitement and stating how Season 7 was expected to bring about some significant changes.

sea of thieves season 7 release

He goes on to say that the upcoming season is going to bring in a tonne of new stats to keep track of, and that in order to make this happen smoothly, the “Game, UI, and Service teams” need to work even closer together. Now, August 4 will mark the start of the most recent season.

Neate adds that this choice was made to ensure that fans had the best possible experience overall and that the Rare team could carry on in a productive and sustainable way. For gamers, Season 6 has been a lengthy one, but August is expected to be hectic with the start of the new season and the release of a new Adventure two weeks later.

Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Trailer

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