Home Run Derby 2022 Odds, Picks, Predictions, Participants, Bets: Top MLB Expert Fading Ronald Acuna Jr.

Home Run Derby 2022 odds, picks, predictions, participants, bets: Top MLB expert fading Ronald Acuna Jr.

The 2022 MLB Home Run Derby will take place on Monday at Dodger Stadium, and $1 million in cash and bragging rights are on the line. In the lead-up to the MLB All-Star Game, the New York Mets first baseman has won two straight power hitting competitions. He has the potential to win three straight. The only other player to win the Home Run Derby three times is Ken Griffey Jr., who did it in 1994, 1998, and 1999.

Home Run Derby 2022 Odds, Picks, Predictions, Participants, Bets: Top MLB Expert Fading Ronald Acuna Jr.

In the first round, Alonso will face Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna, who plays for the NL East rivals. As the No. 1 seed, Kyle Schwarber of the Philadelphia Phillies will meet 42-year-old Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, an honorary All-Star who is playing his last season with the team. Texas Rangers Corey Seager will face Seattle Mariners youngster Julio Rodriguez in the other first-round clash, while Cleveland Guardians Jose Ramirez will face Washington Nationals Juan Soto.

It will begin at 8 p.m. ET for the 2022 Home Run Derby. As of the current 2022 MLB Home Run Derby odds, Alonso is listed as the +190 favourite (risk $100 to win $190) by Caesars Sportsbook, while Schwarber is listed as the +1330 underdog. Seager (+1000), Ramirez (+1800), and Pujols (+2400) round out the top five, with Soto (+600), Rodriguez (+700), and Acuna (+750) close behind. Be sure to check out SportsLine baseball analyst John Bollman’s thoughts on the 2022 MLB All-Star Home Run Derby before making any final decisions.

Bollman has been doing an outstanding job for SportsLine selecting baseball games. His past 367 MLB choices are 197-170 for him after going 380-309-1 in 2021. When bettors placed $100 on his picks last season, he paid out $3,855 to them and was ranked the top baseball expert on SportsLine.

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We shouldn’t be surprised: In 2018, Bollman, a graduate of the Toronto Blue Jays’ biostatistics programme with a concentration on high-performance sports science and player development, worked in that department. He utilises his extensive knowledge of baseball statistics, as well as his experience working in the league’s front office, to produce consistently profitable MLB choices.

An in-depth look at the upcoming 2022 Home Run Derby by an expert.

One guy Bollman isn’t going to play on Monday night is Acuna, a veteran of the tournament but also facing a daunting first-round challenge. It’s been a struggle for the 24-year-old since he returned from ACL surgery in late April and appeared uneasy at the plate. In his last 18 games, Acuna has hit a home run in each of them. He will play two-time defending champion Alonso in the first round as the seventh seed.

It was a close matchup between Alonso and Acuna in the second round of the 2019 Home Run Derby, but the Mets star has a lot more experience now. First round: 25 homers, then 18 in the second round a year later. Alonso won his first championship with a buzzer-beating stroke. This season, the New York Yankees’ first baseman has 24 home runs and is the all-time leader in the Home Run Derby with 35 first-round blasts in 2021.

On the other side, there are a number of promising young players and seasoned veterans who might make a significant impact. Schwarber has only been in one Home Run Derby, falling to Bryce Harper in the finals in 2018.

As the oldest player in MLB, Albert Pujols might benefit from the Home Run Derby’s slower pace. This season, he has eight home runs and is seventh in MLB history with 684.

Despite hitting a Derby-record 520-foot home run and defeating No. 1 seed Shohei Ohtani, Soto fell to Alonso in the second round last year. In 722 games, Seager has hit 126 home runs – one per 21.9 at-bats — in his career. With six seasons with the Dodgers, he was able to get some support from the fans. Rodriguez has 16 home runs and a.925 on-base percentage as a rookie, while Ramirez has 17. (sixth in MLB). Get the rest of SportsLine’s Home Run Derby predictions here.

How to determine winners in the 2022 Home Run Derby.

Bollman isn’t betting on Acuna because of the uphill battle he’ll have to endure, but the expert is confident in his other two picks. In addition to picking the winner, he correctly predicts the final matchup, putting him in position to win a large sum of money. SportsLine is the only place where you can receive these picks.

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