Competition In The Last Tournament Of The Year (Know Everything Details)

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Wrestling’s Most Extreme Competition Extreme Championship Wrestling’s FTW (Fuck the Global) Heavyweight Championship, also known as the Brooklyn World Championship, was an alternative world heavyweight championship. Of that it was not an officially sanctioned title, this was analogous to the WWF Million Dollar Championship in the World Wrestling Federation. It is now regarded as an unofficial All Elite Wrestling championship.

Competition In The Last Tournament Of The Year

Ricky Starks is the current FTW Champion, having defeated Brian Cage on July 14, 2021, at AEW Fyter Fest Night 1.

Wrestling In Extreme Conditions (1998 – 1999)

The FTW Heavyweight Championship was first introduced by Taz at ECW on May 14, 1998. Seinfeld Isn’t This! Because he was unable to fight Shane Douglas for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship because to Shane’s injuries and his reluctance to meet him, Taz created and defended his own World championship, claiming to be the “genuine” World champion.

This is Taz’s first championship defence. On December 19, 1998, he intentionally lost when he dragged an unconscious Sabu over his head (he was confident that he would defeat Shane Douglas in an upcoming title bout, and thus no longer needed the FTW Heavyweight Championship). After losing the FTW Heavyweight Championship to Sabu in a title against championship battle at ECW Living Dangerously 1999 on March 21, 1999, Taz won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship back from Sabu. As the lone World Heavyweight Champion in the organisation, Taz started to wear just the ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt.

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Taz’s handmade ECW World Television Championship belt with an orange leather strap and a “TAZ” emblem at the top was the inspiration for the FTW belt. Over the words “Television” and “United States” and “United Kingdom” flags, “FTW” stickers were deliberately put. A few months later, Bill Alfonso presented Taz with an entirely new and unique FTW belt with a “TAZ” emblem etched in the belt’s centerplate in an effort to urge Taz to join with Sabu and Rob Van Dam against Shane Douglass and The Triple Threat.

Backstage, Sabu was furious that Taz’s name was permanently put on the new ECW championship belt after he lost to him in a bout, according to the documentary The Rise and Fall of ECW. He covered the Taz logo with athletic tape and wrote “SABU” in magic marker on it anytime he had the belt with him. The WWE currently owns the belt, but they have not decided to bring it back.

Wrestling At Its Finest (2020 – Present)

Taz reinstituted the belt and presented the FTW Championship to Brian Cage during Fyter Fest’s second night. After his wife Renee Young tested positive for COVID-19, Jon Moxley was unable to defend the AEW World Championship in their planned AEW World Championship bout, replicating the circumstances that led to its establishment.

The other members of Team Taz (which now includes Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook) and Taz himself seemed perplexed when Cage declared he admired Sting after Revolution. To defeat “Hangman” Adam Page at Double or Nothing, Cage said he didn’t want any assistance. That’s why he tossed away the FTW belt when Starks threw it to him, enraging Team Taz and ultimately leading to his defeat by Page.

A feud between Cage and Starks would begin in the AEW Dynamite episode of June 11, 2021 when Starks smacked Cage and told him he couldn’t use the FTW title again. On July 14, Team Taz announced that Cage and Starks will fight for the FTW title at Fyter Fest Night 1 in the hopes of getting back on the same page once again. It would be Team Taz that would screw Cage by purposefully hitting him with the belt, enabling Starks to take advantage of the situation and take home the title, making him the first person in an AEW match to take home the FTW championship.

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