Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date & Other Predictions and Speculations

chainsaw man part 2

To the great delight of Chainsaw Man fans everywhere, it appears that the protracted wait for Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man part 2 will soon come to an end.

The series is scheduled to pick up where it left off in the middle of July with the resumption of the story arc that was referred to as the Public Safety arc.

Part 2 of Chainsaw Man will continue with Denji and mark the beginning of an arc that will follow Denji as he tries to attend high school and lead a life that is at least somewhat normal.

His life at school and his relationship with Nayuta, the reincarnation of Makima and the Control Devil, will undoubtedly be the primary focuses of the narrative, despite the fact that it is likely that he will keep working with the Tokyo Special Division 4 squad.

Follow along as this article breaks down all of the currently known release information for Chainsaw Man part 2, as well as speculates on what you can expect to happen next.

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What is Chainsaw Man is all about?

chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man is a dark and violent shonen manga that was created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who also did the illustrations for the series.

In the strange parallel universe of Chainsaw Man, some historical events have not taken place, and devils created from the fears of humans roam free throughout the planet.

Denji is a Devil Hunter. In an effort to pay off the debt that his father left him with, he goes out into the world accompanied by his pet devil, Pochita, and collects nasty demons. He then uses these demons in contracts with people.

Pochita saves Denji’s life by merging with him after he is about to die as a result of a failed mission. Denji has become a Chainsaw Devil and is now capable of converting sections of his body into chainsaws. However, he is making an effort to live a regular life this time around.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Storyline Speculations

Chainsaw Man 2 will centre on Denji’s efforts to balance high school and his work with Tokyo Special Division 4. Pochita has asked him to be Nayuta’s brother because she wants a happy family for her.

With Gun Devil dead and eaten by Chainsaw Man, part 2’s major enemy will likely be another uber-powerful devil. Several options pop out.

One of the most powerful is the Darkness Devil. He and Tokyo Special Division 4 have been at conflict, so his return for the second phase is likely.

chainsaw man part 2 storyline

The Hell Devil is another powerful choice. Both he and the Darkness Devil reflect humanity’s fundamental anxieties, highlighting how powerful they are.

Makima strongly hinted she is one of the Four Horsemen Devils, which could emerge in part 2. Makima is the Conquest Devil; the others are Hunger, War, and Death. These instinctive anxieties are some of the series’ strongest.

Makima reported the Four Horsemen Devils and Weapon Devils fought Pochita in Hell. Pochita vanished during the battle and was taken to Earth, where he hid from the Four Horsemen Devils.

Makima affirms the existence of the Devils and this conflict, despite implying her involvement with them. Tatsuki Fujimoto will likely elaborate on this hint for Chainsaw Man 2’s overall plot, adding mythology and building up a massive, epic conflict in the series’ style.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date

As previously announced, Chainsaw Man part 2 will finally be released in the upcoming weeks, bringing Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular series back.

chainsaw man part 2 release

There isn’t a specific release time yet, but the official release date for Japan is July 13. For the majority of viewers outside of the United States, this will most likely be released on July 12 between the afternoon and evening.

Readers can get Chainsaw Man part 2 through Shueisha’s pricey Shonen Jump+ subscription service as well as Viz Media’s free MANGAPlus programme.

While the latter allows users to watch a series in its entirety, the former only allows people to view the first three and most recent issues of a series.

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Is Chainsaw Man Ending Soon?

According to appearances, the Chainsaw Man manga has only recently started. Since the first part was published for a period of around two years, it is only normal to anticipate that the second part will be available for at least as much time as the first part was.

chainsaw man ending

Since we do not truly know what Fujimoto has in store for us, we cannot even begin to speculate as to how long he plans to continue writing the manga.

Due to the fact that he has constructed his world in such a way that there is bound to be content, we do not anticipate that the manga will be completed any time soon.

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