Digimon Survive: Release Date, Trailer & All Latest Updates

digimon survive

The newest instalment in the Digimon video game series is called Digimon Survive, and it features an innovative gameplay concept that combines elements from the genres of visual novel, survival, and strategy role-playing.

This game has the potential to become famous. It has been in the works for a while, with the initial revelation occurring in 2018, but it has had a turbulent development history that has seen many delays and even a complete switch up of the production studio.

The original reveal occurred in 2018. Check out all the information we have on the Digimon Survive release date, including trailers, gameplay, and more, as the game is finally getting closer and closer to being made available to the public.

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Digimon Survive Gameplay

The player’s choices carry a lot of weight when the game is in the form of a visual novel, and the ramifications of those choices might include a wide number of possible stories, the building of an affinity and karma with characters, the passing of characters, and the effect of digivolutions.

In addition, there are battle sequences that are turn-based, during which you can choose which Digimon to use, upgrade, and outfit with equipment in order to better your overall performance. This is done in order to make the game more challenging.

You can also communicate to your allies throughout the fight to grant them bonuses, and if you choose your words carefully when talking to your adversaries, you can convince them to join your side in the fight so you can defeat them together.

Digimon Survive Characters

The fact that every character in this game has already been unveiled to the public is sure to garner a lot of positive reaction from the gaming community. This game features a large number of interesting characters, and some of them are as follows:

digimon survive charcters
  • Takuma Momozuka and Agumon.
  • Aoi Shibuya and Labramon.
  • Minoru Hyuga and Falcomon.
  • Ryou Tominaga and Kunemon.
  • Saki Kimijima and Floramon.
  • Shuuji Kayama and Lopmon.
  • Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon.
  • Miu Shinonome and Syakomon.

Because the previews that the developers have presented to the gaming community have excited those players, the creators themselves will be excited.

Be sure to keep checking back on this page, as there is where you will get all of the most recent information from us until the game is ultimately made available to the public.

Digimon Survive Platform & Requirements

At the moment, it appears that Digimon Survive will be available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and personal computers.

However, Bandai Namco did announce the game in 2018, thus given the numerous delays experienced by the game, it is possible that it will be ported to more recent hardware.

We won’t know for sure until we obtain new information, so until then, the platforms that have already been confirmed are the ones that are listed above.

Digimon Survive Release Date

digimon survive release

Players have less than a month until Digimon Survive launches worldwide on July 29, with the Japanese version arriving a day sooner.

The game’s release has been postponed multiple times since it was first announced, first from a scheduled 2019 release to 2020 and then again to 2021 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After this delay, the game’s creators remained largely silent until we eventually learned the game’s release date: early 2022.

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Digimon Survive Trailers

The Digimon Survive announcement trailer debuted in July 2018, largely displaying photos of locales and characters with text that hinted at the game’s general plot. The turn-based combat system and visual novel-style gameplay were then briefly introduced.

There weren’t many new trailers until this year, starting with the announcement of the release date in April, as a result of the production problems.

One of the producers, Kasumasa Habu, was only seen speaking to the camera and announcing the release date. Mid-July saw the arrival of another release date trailer that focused more on gameplay, including some of the decisions made during visual novel sequences, map exploration, and additional combat.

The most recent trailer provided a detailed look at the gameplay, with a voiceover outlining the various systems and principles. It demonstrated a variety of gameplay motifs that were interconnected and inspired by visual novels, survival, and strategy role-playing games.

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