Xfinity Comcast Internet Outage: Reason & Solutions (Updated 2022)

xfinity internet outage

Many Comcast Xfinity customers awoke this morning without their regular services. According to reports, the system was unavailable or inconsistent in regions from Chicago to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

According to DownDetector, problems in the Bay Area had been reported earlier, but it’s not clear if those are related to the issues users experienced this morning.

The outage has been addressed in a statement from Comcast. A spokeswoman said, “Earlier, a network issue caused intermittent service outages for some customers.

Customers who were affected by the problem are now receiving service again as we continue to look into the core cause of the problem. We sincerely regret any harm we may have caused. The majority of those who reported issues appear to have declared their return to the internet.

There is still no information on the precise nature of the issue or the number of people it affected during its height.

Why there is huge Xfinity Comcast Internet Outrage: What Happened?

A truck pulled down electrical lines near Cerrillos Road and Richards Avenue on Wednesday, knocking out Xfinity internet connection in Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

Santa Fe and Los Alamos clients lost service around 12:30 p.m., a Comcast spokeswoman said. As of Wednesday night, many customers lacked internet, and the business stated service may not be restored until Thursday morning.

xfinity comcast internet outage

“Crews continue to fix,” Phares added. “All clients should be restored by 2 a.m.”

CenturyLink’s rebranded Lumen Technologies reported phone outages. Some local businesses were unable to execute online orders or credit card transactions due to the long outage.

“We lost phone and internet. Citywide outage “Facebook posted Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill. “We’re sorry, but we can’t access online orders. Even if you ordered today, we don’t know what you ordered. Please place food orders in person until the issue is rectified!”

Mucho Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe had similar issues.

Mucho Gourmet said on Facebook, “Cash-only walk-ins only.”

Minerva Canna’s owner couldn’t do online purchases.

“We do a paper receipt for known folks and check their credentials,” Briones stated. “We can help anyone with ID or a medical marijuana card.”

Thornburg Investment Management has redundant internet service, thus “business as usual”

“Our Lumen internet service has remained operational and uninterrupted,” Corrao wrote. “Like many in Santa Fe, our guest WiFi uses a separate small business Comcast account. As the name says, the guest WiFi isn’t essential to our operations.”

comcast outage

Xfinity’s outage did not affect Santa Fe Community College, said spokesman Todd Lovato.

“Remote workers and online students who rely on Xfinity would be affected, but reports haven’t been prevalent,” Lovato texted. “Summer slowness helps.”

Century Bank in Santa Fe avoided interruptions.

“Our teller lines work. Working ATMs. Our website works “Morelos said.

Renee Narvaiz, state IT spokesperson, claimed the interruption “didn’t affect internal services.”

“New Mexico’s internet isn’t simply provided by Comcast,” she said. Some smaller agencies may have Comcast outside IT, although teleworkers may be affected.

Floyd Samuel, Tesuque Casino’s temporary general manager, reported no internet issues.

How do you check if Comcast is down in my area?

If one or more of your Xfinity services isn’t working, you can check for an outage a few ways.

Status Center-

  1. Sign in to Xfinity: My Account.
  2. Once you’re signed in, on the top click on Services.
  3. Click the Status Center link(Do Login First)
  4. You’ll be informed of outages in your area and for all the devices linked to your account via a banner at the top of the page.
  • Red indicates a service outage that solely affects that particular service.
  • There is no need to get in touch with us because we are already aware of the issue and working to resolve it.
  • If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to use the Xfinity Status Center to report it so we can figure out what’s wrong and provide you more details.
  • If it’s green, there aren’t any known outages in your neighbourhood.
  • Restart your devices to try to fix issues with your equipment if you’re experiencing problems with your services but there isn’t an outage.
  • Instead, try troubleshooting them.

Infinity Comcast Outrage Alert Messages-

In rare cases, we can assess the status of your outage.

If you’ve signed up for Comcast Alerts with your mobile phone number, you’ll receive preemptive text messages with information on specific service-impacting outages. Additionally, you’ll get regular updates, projected resolution times, and a final notification when the services are back online.

To check for outages nearby, you can also text OUT to 266278 (COMCST). (Data and communications fees can be charged.)

In order to receive a text message update as soon as your Xfinity services are resumed, you may also select the option to Text me with updates.

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