Twitch Prime Subscription Instructions (Updated 2022)

how to subscribe with twitch prime

Having trouble using your Twitch Prime subscription to follow your favourite streamer on mobile? If you’re trying to support a streamer while on the run, such as during a Subathon or a charity broadcast, this may be a pain.

Subscribing is simple through the smartphone app, but it means Jeff Bezos is taking money out of our pockets instead of us.

To subscribe to a streamer, all you have to do is click on the Subscribe button when you’re viewing their broadcast on the app. This gives you the option to subscribe to the streamer right from the app, saving you time and effort.

You may then use your phone’s payment option, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, to pay for your membership. However, there is no way to make advantage of your Twitch Prime membership in this instance. Here’s how to make use of your Twitch Prime membership on your mobile device.

Twitch Prime: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to Twitch Prime, a premium video-game streaming service. You’ll have access to additional games, special in-game stuff and more when you sign up for Twitch Prime.

The free Twitch channel subscription that comes with a Prime membership is a huge perk for many people. Your favourite streamer will profit directly from this perk. As long as your Twitch account is tied to an active Amazon Prime subscription, you have the option to re-subscribe each month (for free).

Connecting Your Amazon Prime And Twitch Accounts

Your Amazon Prime account and your account must be linked in order to take advantage of the free Twitch Prime subscription. To connect your Amazon Prime gaming, click here or visit

You’ll be sent to a screen where you’ll need to sign in using your Amazon Prime account details.

To connect your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts, look for this icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Connecting Your Amazon Prime And Twitch Accounts

The “Link Twitch Account” option should be visible on the left side of your Amazon Prime screen once you’ve checked in. Enter your Twitch credentials by clicking here (if you need to set one up, you can sign up here). To begin utilising your free Twitch Prime Subscription, confirm the connection between the accounts and then head to Twitch.

Connecting Your Amazon Prime And Twitch Accounts

A screenshot demonstrating the process of linking your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts in order to take advantage of the free Twitch Prime membership. Image

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How To See What Twitch Subscriptions You Currently Have

Visit this page or click your profile image in the upper-right corner of Twitch to see your subscriptions. Then click “Subscriptions.”. There is a “Subscriptions” tab that displays all of your subscriptions, including their perks and expiry dates, and whether or not they are paid or Prime subscriptions.

How To Follow A Streamer On Twitch

You’re handing over $4.99 to a Twitch streamer when you use your Prime membership to pay for their subscription.

Go to a streamer’s profile and click “Subscribe” at the top of the page to join their mailing list.

First-time Twitch Prime subscribers will be prompted to decide whether or not to utilise their free monthly membership on this particular streamer. No further fees will be charged if you want to subscribe to that streamer for a month.

Twitch Prime’s Extra Perks

Aside from the free Twitch channel subscription, Amazon Prime customers may also take advantage of additional Twitch Prime perks as a result of combining their Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts. Twitch Prime members get access to in-game bonuses, as well as other perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Amazon Prime Twitch Subscription Process?

Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, click “Link Twitch.” Signing in to your Twitch account will then be required. Once you’ve verified the accounts are connected, go to Twitch to begin using your Prime membership.

Does Twitch Prime Have A Mobile App?

Yes, however you can’t utilise a Prime subscription in the Twitch app itself. To subscribe to Twitch on your tablet, sign in to the browser version of the site. The Twitch app allows you to pay for a standard subscription.

Is Amazon Prime A Requirement To Use Twitch Prime?

Amazon Prime customers may get a free Amazon Prime Twitch membership once a month by connecting their Twitch account to their Amazon Prime account. Content creators get $2.50+ every Twitch Prime subscriber per month at no extra cost to the Prime member.

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