Verizon Phone Unlocking Instructions (Updated 2022)

how to unlock a verizon phone

But not everyone can afford to use Verizon, which is a major U.S. carrier. Whether it’s because of the high costs or the limited service in your area, sometimes you just have to make a switch.

What if you absolutely adore your current phone? Alternatively, are you unable to afford a new one?

If you are concerned about how to unlock a Verizon phone, don’t be. We’ve got you covered.

Verizon Phone Unlocking Instructions

Although the process varies from one service provider to another, Verizon has a fairly simple process to get started. The CDMA network Verizon uses means that your phone may not work on other networks.

GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile may have different coverage depending on your phone’s support for different bands. Ready? Let us now begin.

Is Unlocking Your Verizon Phone Necessary?

We’re not asking if you want to switch carriers or if you’re planning a trip abroad; we’re simply pointing out that Big Red may have already unlocked your phone. If you’re on Verizon’s postpaid plan or some prepaid options, this applies.

Simply keep it on Verizon for two billing cycles or 60 days before you can unlock your postpaid device. After you buy your device from Verizon or activate it with a retail partner, the 60-day period begins. Because this period begins at activation, you cannot just buy a pre-paid phone and wait 60 days to activate it.

Even if you pay off your device in full or cancel service during these 60 days, you can’t speed it up or get out of its restrictions. You must be an active military member stationed outside of Verizon’s coverage area to avoid the time limit.

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Verizon Prepaid Phone Unlocking Instructions

A Verizon pre-activated phone that hasn’t been activated or a 3G World non-iPhone device are the only options for you if you’re still on this page. Make sure you follow these simple steps as long as one or both of the following is true:

  • Turn on your phone and put in a new SIM card.
  • Enter one of the following two codes when prompted.



  • This is the end of step three. The only two codes Verizon uses for unlocking are those two. Please call Verizon customer service at *611 if the above options fail.

It’s really that easy to unlock a Verizon phone. A few of our other guides may be useful if you’re considering making the switch. Please check out the lists below to see the best plans for each network.

My Verizon Phone Has Been Unlocked. What Other Networks Can I Use It With?

T-Mobile and AT&T are both CDMA carriers and use the same wireless technology as Verizon, making it more difficult to switch networks.

But Verizon warns that switching to T-Mobile or AT&T may result in decreased functionality with your unlocked Verizon phone. If you go with Verizon’s prepaid option, you’ll be locked in for a year before being able to switch to another carrier. The rules are not made by us.

Verizon is one of the best networks out there, so you’re in good hands. For those who can’t afford Verizon’s monthly fees after the first year, there are other options available.

My Device’s Security Code Is Gone. What do I do?

A completely different situation arises if you lose the password to your phone and are unable to access it.

Your device’s manufacturer (Apple, Android, Google, etc.) will need to be contacted for an unlock request. To unlock your wireless device, ask a customer service representative for a code.

As long as you’re prepared to answer some security questions, you won’t have to worry about them unlocking your device without verifying your identity.

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