Do Batteries Get Replaced By Autozone?

does autozone replace batteries

If you buy a new battery from AutoZone, you’ll get free battery installation from AutoZone. However, AutoZone may not be able to install your new battery if accessing the old one is difficult or involves the removal of other components.

Overview of Autozone

In the United States, AutoZone is the major retailer and distributor of car parts and accessories. AutoZone outlets in all 50 states of the United States, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil, offer our products and accessories for cars and light trucks.

Do Batteries Get Replaced By Autozone?

In addition, we provide vehicle diagnostic and repair software from ALLDATA, as well as’s diagnostic and repair information and’s parts and accessories for cars and light trucks.

Are Batteries Installed By AutoZone?

According to customer care personnel, AutoZone provides free battery installation with the purchase of a new automobile battery from AutoZone. With the purchase of a new battery, installation services are included.

AutoZone, on the other hand, may not be able to install the battery in certain circumstances. You may need to have the battery put elsewhere if the installation requires the associate to remove other components from the automobile.

A battery installed in an odd location, such as the wheel well or behind a seat, may not be installed by AutoZone.

Free battery testing and charging while you wait are also offered by AutoZone in addition to installation. If you’re unsure about what services your local AutoZone offers, call ahead.

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First, However:

Get the AutoZone personnel to check your battery before you purchase a new one. This device may have simply run out of battery power. Then they can keep your battery charged while you’re there. Both services are completely free of charge. That’s exactly right.

Therefore, don’t miss out on the chance since it’s free. You have nothing to lose if it turns out that your battery is dead or too weak to be relied upon.


Prices for a battery at AutoZone range from $50 to $120 depending on the kind , year and model of your automobile. You may have an employee search up your car and then give you a pricing quotation.

Installing Batteries In Other Places

If you can’t find an AutoZone near you, several national auto parts retailers, such as Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, and O’Reilly Auto Parts, provide battery installation services (as previously reported). In addition, you can check out our linked post to learn more about tyre dealers who provide this service.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Possible To Have An AutoZone Technician Repair My Dead Battery?

If you buy the battery from AutoZone, they will install it for you for free. Your old battery will be disposed of and a core fee will be charged in its stead. Your vehicle will start and operate smoothly with a new battery fitted by these experts.

How Much Does It Cost To Recharge A Battery At The AutoZone Location?

Whatever the circumstances, AutoZone battery recharges are complimentary. All you have to do is take your car’s battery out and drop it off at your nearest AutoZone, where they will quickly charge it to full capacity in 30 minutes.

When It Comes To Cars, What Are The Chances Of Recharging A Fully Dead Battery?

There is no automotive battery that can charge itself, no matter how healthy or dead it is. Always has to be plugged into an external source of power. Is it possible to recharge dead batteries? Car batteries that have run out of juice cannot be fully recharged by the alternator.

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