At Costco, Can I Bring My Own Frames (Updated 2022)

can i bring my own frames to costco

More choices than their consumers would anticipate from most of the country’s largest merchants have allowed them to expand to their current sizes.

At Costco, Can I Bring My Own Frames

As a matter of fact, Costco provides eye care and optometrist services. When it comes to eye exams, Costco is one of the few places to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Can I Get My Glasses From Costco With Lenses?

In 2022, Costco’s Costco Optical facilities, some of which are dubbed Costco Vision Centers, will install lenses in your frames. Over 500 Costco Optical stores can fit lenses into your frames. For a little fee, you may purchase frames from Costco Optical and have the lenses installed by an associate using your prescription.

Receive the lowdown on Costco’s lens service, including how much it costs and what else you can get! —continue reading!

Is Costco Going To Put Lenses In My Frames?

Lenses do not necessarily have to be fitted in frames purchased from Costco. Costco Optical may be able to fit you with new lenses if you bring in your existing frames.

Depending on the location, Costco employees may or may not be able to fit your old lenses into your new frames.

Can I Have My Old Frames Re-Lensed At Costco?

As previously said, if your eyeglasses are in excellent shape, Costco personnel will put lenses in them; however, this is less likely to happen if your eyeglasses are old.

Costco may not accept your old frames for lenses since they are prone to falling apart and the lens falling out, resulting in damage to your eyewear.

To make matters worse, imagine what would happen if this happened as you were about to cross a busy street.

Working with outdated frames is also problematic since personnel handling them might result in accidents, putting them at risk for injury or damage claims.

It’s possible that you’ll have to wait longer than normal to get frames that suit lenses that you had fitted and placed into an out-of-date kind of frame.

Some Costco Optical personnel have been reported to refuse to replace lenses in outdated frames and instead persuade consumers to purchase new ones while they are there.

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Exactly How Much Does Costco Charge To Put Lenses In Frames?

When you purchase prescription eyeglasses from Costco Optical, the lenses and frames cost roughly $184.

As we’ll see in the next section, this is an average cost based on what the majority of customers spent at the various sites.

Are The Eyeglass Lenses From Costco Any Good?

It seems that Costco’s eyeglass lenses aren’t terrible, but they aren’t exceptional either.

There is a Reddit discussion about the quality of Costco eyeglass lenses with accounts from consumers who claim they had to go back and work on their lenses until they got it correct.

It wasn’t enough to just make a pair of glasses according to a prescription; the wearer’s fit was also a role in their effectiveness.

According to this information, if you have time to spare, i.e. it’s not an emergency or if it’s a backup set of glasses, you should go to Costco.


However, Costco will only fit your lenses into your frames if they are in in excellent shape and are not too old, even whether you purchased them from Costco or carried them into the store yourself. Because ancient frames are more difficult to deal with, Costco is likely to refuse to install lenses in them.

Costco charges an average of $184 to install lenses in frames, although price varies based on variables such as your prescription, the kind of frames you have, and more..

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d Want To Bring My Own Lens Holder To LensCrafters. Is This Possible?

However, LensCrafters does allow clients to bring in their frames when they need to replace a damaged or otherwise worn out pair of lenses, with a few exceptions. A sound physical condition is a prerequisite.

Is It Possible To Purchase Frames And Have Lenses Installed At The Same Time?

In general, prescription lenses may be fitted into any frame. We don’t normally advocate getting replacement lenses for ancient frames, but it’s not impossible. It’s possible that all we’ll have to do is trim the lenses to fit the frames.

Putting Lenses In Frames May Be Expensive?

In certain cases, you may get a new pair of lenses for as low as $40. New lenses in your existing frames may cost more than $100 if you add anti-glare coating or photochromic lenses (like as Transitions).

To Put Lenses In Frames, How Much Does Walmart Charge?

Please tell me whether or not Walmart can repair or replace the lenses in my own frames. Which Walmart you go to has an effect on the prices you pay. There are a few Walmarts that can change the lenses in your glasses, but they normally add $25.00 to the price since they want to sell their own frames.

Do You Have To Go To Specsavers To Get New Lenses For Your Frames?

Can the lenses in my current frames be replaced? You may reglaze into your own frame if the quality of the frames, their size, shape, curve and your prescription needs are all taken into consideration while answering this question.

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