Do Subways Sell Simply Bread? (Updated 2022)

can you buy just bread from subway

Is Subway bread available for purchase? Sandwiches and salads are the specialty of Subway, a fast-food restaurant business. When Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck launched the company back in 1965, it was known as DeLuca & Buck. 44,000 sites across 110 countries make up the company’s portfolio. Second only to McDonald’s, Subway has 21,457 locations worldwide in 96 countries as of December 2019.

Do Subways Sell Simply Bread?

The “sub” is the cornerstone of Subway’s menu. In addition, the company offers wraps, salads, and baked items in addition to these offerings. A typical Subway visit costs $5.50 in the United States as of October 2019. According to Consumer Reports, Subway came out on top of the sandwich chain rankings in 2015, but it dropped to fourth in 2018.

Is Subway Bread Available For Purchase?

One of Subway’s best-known menu items is their bread. Subway’s famous loaves are soft and pillowy, with a taste that complements the chain’s iconic sandwiches. But if you’re in the mood for anything else, you may question whether you can buy a loaf of bread from Subway on its own.

Is Subway Bread Available For Purchase?

I’m afraid the answer to that is “no.” Except as part of a sandwich, Subway does not sell bread by the loaf. The bread may be purchased separately via a workaround. For the price of a conventional sandwich, you can receive a loaf of bread if you order a vegetarian sandwich without the vegetables.

Even while Subway used to make its bread in-house, the company now outsources the processing of the loaves. As a result, if you’re hoping to get a flavour of freshly made bread, you may be disappointed. However, Subway’s bread remains one of the most popular menu items regardless of where it is prepared.

How Come You can’t Obtain Subway Bread On The Market For Sale?

As bizarre as it may sound, the fact that you can’t purchase bread from Subway directly is really a logical decision. An SKU number is required in order for a product to be sold in a store. The computer system of the shop normally assigns this number, which is used to monitor product sales.

Bread cannot be purchased on its own since it does not have an SKU number. For Subway, the only option is to buy a vegetable sandwich and remove the toppings so that the bread has an SKU number.

Another option would be for Subway to secure an SKU number for the bread, allowing it to be shown on the menu as a purchaseable item. Even yet, customers who wish to buy bread from Subway must do it through another method.

What Is The Maximum Bread Length Allowed In A Subway Sandwich?

Subway seems to only offer two sandwich sizes at first glance: six-inch and 12-inch. However, there is a wide range in the bread lengths offered by Subway. The smallest available subwoofer is the six-inch model, while the biggest is the 12-inch model.

On the other hand, Subway’s bread sizes are much larger than those of other eateries. It’s important to note that the smallest and largest sizes are all available in a range of widths and heights. So, whether you’re in a rush or want a hearty dinner, Subway offers a variety of sandwich bread lengths.

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Do You Have The Skills To Make Subway Bread At Home?

Yes, there are a slew of recipes available online for Subway’s most popular bread. In one dish, the Italian herbs and cheese bread from Subway is re-created.

Subway copycat bread recipes may also be found online by searching for “subway bread recipe” or “subway bread recipe.”

The Bread From Subway Can You Toast?

Toasted bread is available at Subway for almost every kind of bread. In order to melt the cheese or have a crunchier sandwich, many consumers choose this option. Toasting the bread may also assist prevent the sandwich from becoming mushy if you take it home and want to eat it at a later date.

You may even request that your sandwich be toasted without the cheese if you don’t like it. Sandwiches will be crisp and light using this method.


In the United States, Subway is a renowned fast-food chain known for its sandwiches and salads. They provide a wide range of fast food options, including as subs, wraps, salads, and drinks, among others. Bread is not sold in Subway locations.

At Subway, bread is only available if you purchase a sandwich. In this section, we’ve addressed almost every concern that a Subway customer has ever expressed. There are several options for consumers who wish to purchase Subway bread, and if they can’t locate one, they can always bake their own at home. The recipes are all available online.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Bread Price At Subway?

A 6-inch bread costs $1.25 at Subway, while a foot-long loaf costs $2. Most people purchase simply the bread so that they may prepare their own sandwiches at home and save money.

Is Subway’s Bread Made From A Variety Of Breads? Subway Offers A Wide Variety Of Bread Options?

Subway does really provide a variety of bread options. White bread, Italian bread, nine-grain wheat bread, honey-oat bread, Italian herbs and cheese bread, nine-grain multiseed bread, and robust Italian bread are some of the varieties.. Subway’s sandwiches taste great because of all of that bread.

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