How Come Ikea’s Shipping Costs Are so High?

why do ikea charge so much for delivery

When it comes to furnishing your home, IKEA has everything you need—and it’s all reasonably priced, as well!

Because IKEA is renowned for offering inexpensive furniture, you may be asking why shipping prices are so high. Nonetheless, It’s all down to this!

Why Is IKEA Shipping Expensive?

Because’s shipping fees are regulated at $49 (or $249 for remote locations), shipping items from may be pricey. If you order 10 products, you will pay the same amount. As a result, ordering in bulk from and taking advantage of the flat delivery rate may save you money.

However, how much does IKEA ship? Please continue reading for more details.

Because Of IKEA’s Exorbitant Prices

Since they send their products in huge bundles, IKEA shipping is more costly since it requires less labour to carry and install on location. This also helps to avoid theft while your things are securely delivered via a variety of channels.

So, how much does IKEA’s delivery cost? The minimum delivery price for a small product is $5 when ordered via the company’s website. Increased shipping costs are related with an increase in your order’s total weight.

Because Of IKEA's Exorbitant Prices

There is a $49.9 cap on most of its deliveries. In certain cases, delivery rates may be more expensive based on the distance from the shop to the customer’s address.

To acquire a large number of products at once, there is no need to be concerned. All shipping and delivery costs are calculated on a per-order basis, not per-item basis.

Shipment for one night light, for example, will cost you $49. But even if you buy five, the price remains the same.

Those who don’t have a local multinational conglomerate shop will have to pay greater delivery expenses, which is a bummer. They will incur higher transportation costs as a result of the distribution facilities’ greater distance from their residence.

A $249 delivery fee for three significant furniture pieces is one example of this. They’ve been let down by these high costs.

IKEA Shipping Costs: How Can They Be Avoided?

how come ikea's shipping costs are so high?

So, how can you avoid IKEA’s delivery fees?

Delivery is set at $49 per item, and all orders are charged according to the weight of the package.

You may save money and time by ordering a broad variety of items in one purchase, including large and tiny pieces.

If you’re trying to completely redo a room or property, this is the ideal choice. Purchasing a large number of products at once has little effect. Never spend more than $50.

The “Click & Collect” option is available if you don’t want to pay for shipping. The “Click & Collect at the Checkout” option may be selected at the end of the online purchasing process.

Your order will then be ready for pick-up at any of these locations in your area at any time.

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During Covid, Have IKEA’s Shipping Costs Risen?

IKEA’s shipping charges have not increased during the Covid epidemic, but they have increased over time since they have no other choice. As opposed to other retailers, IKEA does not consider in the delivery costs or reductions when giving free shipping or discounts on its products. There will be no additional shipping charges incurred by IKEA, which means the entire cost of the product will be borne by the customer, not the company.

How Can I Save Money On IKEA Delivery?

You must purchase more goods from IKEA in order to get free delivery. Discounts are also available if you purchase all of their furnishings at once.

Free collection points are available for consumers in select parts of IKEA, which means that they don’t have to pay DPD £2 or £4 for pickup.

You should see whether something is available in your region before you buy it.

For an extra fee, TaskRabbit can build your furniture for you.

IKEA is a worldwide retailer, thus the prices will be the same no matter how they are translated into US dollars or Euros.

IKEA’s furniture delivery service isn’t as simple as one may imagine, so how much does it cost? What you purchase, how much you buy, and where you reside all have a role in how much you pay. Delivery might be pricey in certain circumstances, but it can also be quite affordable in others.

Is There Anything More I Can Do To Lower The Cost Of Shipping from IKEA?

Avoiding the normal DPD delivery service is one option (this is handled by TaskRabbit if you are in the London area).

A quick search for “guy and van” on Facebook marketplace or local directories will provide a slew of results. Remember that IKEA’s delivery fee is capped at £40, so using a third-party delivery service unless you’re ordering a single item, like in the first example, may be a better option.

Also, know what to do if the item is damaged in transportation and how to file a claim against the delivery driver.


When it comes to shipping costs, IKEA is renowned as a low-cost furniture retailer. In order to get their consumers to spend more, they’re offering a variety of discounts.

Your question, “Why is IKEA shipping so expensive?” has been answered in this post. For this company’s low pricing point and high shipping costs, it’s simple to understand why this is the case.

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