Chibidoki Face Reveal: Age, YouTube, Earning And Much More

chibidoki face reveal

Chibidoki is a free-lance VTuber who has been active on the platform since the 3rd of July, 2021. She does a range of things, like as playing video games and reviewing products, on the Twitch channel that she runs, including creating her own content. People have been curious about the Chibidoki Face Reveal, and in this essay, we will investigate both that subject and the more general one of “Who Is Chibidoki?”

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Who is Chibidoki?

Chibidoki is a VTuber who learned how to use the platform on her own and published her first video on that platform on July 3, 2021. On her Twitch channel, she engages in a variety of activities, including playing video games, acting as if she were a male, imitating the sounds of gremlins, and shrieking.

She is a legendary cyber-dragon girl who is renowned for her astounding vitality, amazing looks, and witty demeanour. She is the leader of an army comprised of dragons that have been forced to take refuge on human territory! Her objective is to find a way to activate a gateway that would take her back to the place she calls home.

Chidiboki Appearance

chibidoki appreance

She wears two long pink twintails that each have a white ribbon wrapped around the upper one and a red one wrapped around the lower one of both of them. Her hair is pink. Her hair is styled in a “M”-shaped bang at the front of her forehead, and there is a tiny ahoge curl on the crown of her head.

She also has crystal-like medium upturned horns on the sides of her head that go upwards, cute pointed ears, wide crystal-blue eyes with sigils in them, and a delicate and cute oval face. All of these features may be found on her.

A huge magenta and light-pink ribbon with a turquoise heart dangle hangs around her neck, and she wears a magical girl outfit that is sleeveless and shows her midriff in the shape of a heart. It is mostly pink, white, and light pink in colour, and it has two long embellishments that look like leaves immediately below the cutout.

Additionally, the majority of the bottom is light pink, and then there is a single frilly white and dark pink frill that goes around the bottom. In addition to that, she wears pink frilled ballerina shoes with white ribbons cut in half attached to the sides and long plain white tube socks that reach up to her knees.

Chibidoki Face Reveal

Chibidoki has not shown the public her face, nor has she distributed any photographs of herself on the internet. Her real identity has not been established, and she frequently sends animated images to herself. Additionally, she does not show her face to members of the press or the general public. If there is any fresh information regarding her appearance, we will be sure to post it on our website, so please continue to check back for updates.

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When was Chibidoki born? Chibidoki’s Age

chibidoki age

Chibidoki was born on the 30th of June in the year 2000, making him 21 or 22 years old in 2022. Chibidoki is an independent VTuber and stands at a height of 152 centimetres. She streams herself playing video games, acting like a male, imitating the noises of gremlins, and shrieking on her Twitch account.

She also streams herself making the sounds of gremlins. She is currently pretending to be a charming VTuber in order to persuade degenerates to help her build a gateway back to the house and join her dragon army.

Chibidoki Social Media Followers

On her channel on YouTube, which has more than 141,000 subscribers, she has a large number of devoted fans. She has more than 158 thousand followers on Twitch, and she has more than 63 thousand followers on Twitter.

People Also Ask

Is Chibidoki a guy?

A cyber-dragon magical girl who is best recognised for her boundless energy, endearing model appearance, and witty demeanour. She is the commander of a dragon army, yet she cannot leave the realm of humans since she is imprisoned there.

How old is Chibidoki?

Chibidoki is a free-lance YouTube creator. Born on June 30, 2000 (2000-06-30) and is currently 21 years old.

What program does Chibidoki use? 

Modeled and Rigged in Maya 2019, textured on 3DCoat.

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