Dragon Ball The Breakers Release Date, Network Test, Much More

dragon ball the breakers release date

Over the years, Dragon Ball has seen a lot of games come and go. From vast, open-world RPGS to intense fighting games. However, the newest instalment in the series from Bandai is quite distinctive and focuses on multiplayer. Prior to the release of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, though, what do we know about the game?

Dimps is bringing Dragon Ball: The Breakers to almost all platforms, and it will emphasise cooperative and competitive asymmetrical multiplayer. You might wonder, how does all of it operate? Fortunately, we have seen enough of the game to be able to piece together how it functions.

Check out the page below for a description of the game’s mechanics and when you may start playing once Dragon Ball The Breakers is released.

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Dragon Ball The Breakers Gameplay

Dragon Ball The Breakers’ gameplay is divided into one of two teams. If you make it, you’ll have to fight the Raider to stay alive. You’ll need to gather loot, hide in structures, and increase your Dragon Gauge.

You can become heroes and partially retaliate against the Raiders by building this up. However, your main objective is to accelerate and activate the Time Machine so that you can win and escape.

If you are a Raider, you have tremendous power and can quickly eliminate the Survivors. Your aim is to either accomplish that or to devastate enough area to prevent them from hiding and drive them from their safe havens.

Dragon Ball The Breakers Release Date & Platforms

For October 14, 2022, Dragon Ball The Breakers will be made available on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

This indicates that it will be published in the midst of a very busy gaming season. It should, however, be able to hold its own if effort has been made to make it interesting and distinctive, especially since it is one of the few anime games based on popular franchises to be released this year.

Dragon Ball The Breakers Server: Network Test

Between August 5 and August 7, a network test for Dragon Ball The Breakers will be conducted, with numerous sessions held at various times to allow players from all around the world to participate.

If you have access, you can participate in the network test and really push the game’s systems before it launches. You can register here on the Bandai Namco website.

Dragon Ball The Breakers Editions

You might be interested to know that the game will be available in three different flavours: Standard Edition, Limited Edition, and Special Edition, if that sounds like something you’d like to take in. We’re betting that anything Dragon Ball is instantly intriguing.

Pre-orders for the Special Edition can be made physically right now and digitally at a later time. The Special Edition Pack with a customisable costume, the “Two-Handed Good” victory pose, and the “Dragon (Yellow)” vehicle skin will be included in addition to the complete game.

Pre-orders for this version additionally grant access to the “Scouter (Blue)” and “Android 18 Transphere” accessories.The Bandai Namco Store will be the only place to purchase the Limited Edition.

In addition to the Special Edition material, the Limited Edition will also include the “Potara (Green)” in-game accessory, a time-limited unique Bandai Namco Store bonus, a Steelbook, three Raider stickers, and the Cell Shell Figure.

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The game will only be available as a digital download in the Standard Edition. The “Android 18 Transphere” with the “Wall Kick” ability and the “Scouter (Blue)” accessory are only available with this edition’s pre-orders.

Additionally, on the 6th and 7th of August 2022, all platforms will be open for a Closed Network Test for Dragon Ball: The Breakers. You must register right here in order to attempt to gain access to the Closed Network Test. Frieza, the recently revealed Raider, and Cell will all be playable during this CNT. Additionally, players will be able to use the Avatar, Oolong Survivor Skin, and Bulma Survivor Skin as Survivors.

dragon ball the breakers

Dragon Ball The Breakers Price

On October 13 in Japan and October 14 in the rest of the world, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be made available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and other compatible devices. The game’s Standard Edition, which can only be purchased digitally, includes the game itself as well as an in-game transphere and scouter attachment. A price point has not yet been assigned to this version.

An in-game costume, victory pose, and vehicle skin are also included in the Special Edition, in addition to the previously mentioned transphere and scouter attachment. This version is offered both physically and digitally for $29.99. The specifics of digital preorders will be revealed at a later time, according to Bandai.

There is also a physical Limited Edition that comes with everything from the Special Edition plus a Cell Shell figurine, a steelbook case, different stickers, and an in-game Potara item. Preorders for this edition, which is only offered through the Bandai Namco Store, may be made right away for $79.99.

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