Uncharted 2, 2023: Release Date & Other Announcements

uncharted 2 release date

Sorry people, Uncharted 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony yet, but there’s no need to give up because we’re confident it will happen.

In an interview with Deadline in May 2022, Sony CEO Tom Rothman referred to the film as “a brand-new franchise for us.” Sony is obviously considering another appearance for Nate and Sully on the big screen because the word “franchise” isn’t used for a standalone film.

Uncharted earned more than $400 million at the box office in early 2022, despite the fact that it wasn’t a major hit with reviewers. Given that the market was still unstable and the successful films were typically well-known franchises, that’s not a bad return.

Like previous MCU appearances, Uncharted closes with a tease for what might be in store in a hypothetical sequel. Holland is no stranger to a franchise. Four other video games, including the second Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, are available as well.

Currently, all we can do is wait for Sony to make the formal announcement of Uncharted 2; in the meantime, here is all the information you require.

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The Uncharted Ending

The conclusion of Uncharted leaves open the possibility that Sam Drake, Nate’s brother, is still alive and incarcerated. Sam is not dead, which opens the door for a sequel and might see Nate’s search for Sam continue even if it’s unclear where he is in the globe.

Sam might become more involved in the plot, and his reappearance might pave the way for his and Nate’s next journey. It might also provide an explanation for how Sam managed to live after apparently being shot. Additionally, Gage, a character who works for Roman, one of the video game antagonists, is introduced in Uncharted’s conclusion.

Uncharted Ending

Nate’s ring, which once belonged to Sir Francis Drake, has captured the attention of Gage. The mystery behind Nate’s purported ancestor may be explored in Uncharted 2, which might result in another exciting treasure quest that is a little more individualised than the one in the first movie.

Uncharted 2 Expected Storyline

The plot of Uncharted 2 is yet unofficially described. But we can start to map out what Uncharted 2’s plot might look like thanks to the two post-credit scenes at the end of the original movie and the videogames on which the movie is based.

In Uncharted, Sully and Nathan team up to go on treasure hunts after narrowly escaping Braddock, Sully’s ex-boyfriendrapacious ,’s grasp. But as the movie’s credits reveal, the team is just getting started, and Braddock has already been replaced by a new criminal foe.

In the second post-credit sequence, we saw Sully and Nathan fleeing from Gage after a transaction went sour. Gage is a treasure hunter chasing Nathan’s family ring. So it appears like Uncharted 2 will begin with Sully and Nathan escaping, with Gage undoubtedly pursuing them.

Fans of the Uncharted video games may already be aware that the first movie wasn’t a straight adaptation of the games, but rather a loosely structured prequel that borrowed ideas from each game in the series. In light of this, we are aware that Uncharted 2 won’t completely adhere to the game’s stories either. But a sizable portion of its storyline might be devoted to the same storyline as the first Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune game, which we all know and adore.

uncharted 2 expected storyline

Recall the ring we discussed earlier? Well, the family treasure from the video games holds the secret to locating Nathan’s ancestor Sir Francis Drake’s coffin, which also happens to contain the site of El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold.

Given the significance of the ring in the post-credit scene, Nathan and Sully’s upcoming treasure-hunting adventure will probably stick to Drake’s Fortune’s formula. So be ready to leave since it appears that the gang is travelling to South America.

We also know that the sequel will go further into Sam, Nathan’s missing brother, and his background. Sam is depicted as being alive in prison, mailing Nathan a postcard advising him to “guard his back” in the first post-credit sequence of Uncharted.

Sam’s existence, his imprisonment, and the possibility that Sully may have misled Nathan about his brother’s passing will all likely be explained in Uncharted 2. We myself are eager to see what Sony has in store for all Uncharted fans because everything is quite hot.

Uncharted 2: Who We Can See?

If there is an Uncharted 2, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will undoubtedly return as the primary characters. Sophia Ali will probably also make a comeback, especially given how unresolved Chloe Frazer’s tale was at the conclusion. Given that their characters in the movie died, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas are unlikely to make another appearance.

Pilou Asbaek, who made an appearance in the Uncharted game’s credits scene, may have a larger part to play in the sequel along with whoever may be chosen to play Sam Drake as an adult. Additionally, Elena Fisher, Nate’s fictional future wife, might make her debut in Uncharted 2.

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Uncharted 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Coming in 2023?

We don’t yet have a release date for Uncharted 2 because it hasn’t been formally announced, as was already mentioned. Filming for the first movie was originally scheduled to begin in March 2020, but it was postponed because of the ongoing global pandemic. Before reshoots in July 2021, production eventually began in July 2020 and ended in October 2020.

uncharted 2 movie

As a result, Uncharted also had a number of release date adjustments before finally hitting theatres in February 2022. If filming begins in 2022, a similar timeframe would indicate that we shouldn’t expect to see a sequel until at least 2024.

Since the sequel hasn’t been officially announced, there aren’t any set filming dates, so it seems sense that it won’t begin this year.

Holland has mentioned taking a brief hiatus from acting after finishing The Crowded Room for Apple. We can’t really blame him for the delay in releasing a sequel given his busy schedule, which also includes work on Spider-Man 4.

We should, ideally, have a clearer notion of when to welcome Nate back to our screens once Sony does confirm a sequel.

Uncharted 2 Trailer?

Due to the fact that filming for Uncharted 2 has not yet commenced, there is, regrettably, no exciting footage available to use for the trailer just yet.

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