Starbuck: The Secret To Getting A Free Cup Of Coffee On Your Birthday

how to get free starbucks on your birthday

The birthday reward is one of several perks of the Starbucks Rewards programme. Members of Starbucks’ rewards programme may get a free drink or food item on their birthday at any participating Starbucks shop.

free cup of coffee on your birthday

Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday: Here’s How To Get It!

Starbucks rewards members who have been members for at least seven days before their birthday are eligible for a complimentary birthday beverage. The year before to your birthday, you must have earned at least one Star.

Download the Starbucks app or go to to sign up for Starbucks Rewards.

For the purpose of setting up an account, please provide your full name, email address, and a password.

Then, press the man symbol in the upper right corner of your app or pick it from the drop-down menu on the website to input your birthdate.

You will not be eligible for a complimentary birthday drink if you do not indicate your birthdate on your Rewards account page.

You must sign up for Starbucks Rewards at least seven days in advance of your birthday in order to enjoy a free Starbucks beverage on your special day.

In the year running up to your birthday, you must also make at least one Star-earning transaction.

To ensure that your Starbucks purchases result in Stars, utilise the “Scan” or “Scan and pay” function at a participating shop or place your order ahead of time through the app.

Spending money at a participating Starbucks earns you Stars, which can be redeemed for gift cards or other perks.

To redeem your Stars, you may use them to get free Starbucks beverages, food (including drink customizations), and Starbucks merchandise.

Extras like free refills and tailored offers are available to members of the rewards programme.


Handcrafted drinks and snack items are available in any quantity and may be customised to your liking (typically limited to $20).

The refrigerated portion of the store includes ready-to-drink bottled beverages such Evolution Fresh juices, bottled Mocha Frappuccino, bottled Teavana drinks, or any Starbucks bottled beverage that may be used for a Birthday Reward.

Useful Hints for Getting the Most from Your Birthday Gift

Only On Your Birthday Can You Redeem Your Birthday Reward

Because a Birthday Reward may only be redeemed on the day of your actual birthday, it’s not accessible the day prior. You used to be able to get a free drink on your birthday for a whole month, but now you can only get it on the day of your birthday.

Your Drink May Be Made To Order And In The Largest Size

The biggest normal drink size is available with the addition of modifications when using the Birthday Reward.

Drinks Are Often Limited At $20 Per Person

To avoid having to pay for your Birthday Reward drink, keep in mind that the cost is normally capped at $20.

Anything On The Regular Menu Is OK

The Birthday Reward may be used for more than just drinks. A protein box or a baked good may be ordered, as can a breakfast sandwich.

Deliveries Are Not Eligible For Birthday Rewards

You may get the Birthday Reward only if you place your order at a Starbucks store in person. Uber Eats and DoorDash deliveries are out of the question.

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Is Starbucks’ Birthday Rewards Program Still In Place?

There are still Birthday Rewards at Starbucks, yes. Free Birthday Rewards are available at participating stores for those who meet the eligibility requirements, and it’s not an urban legend.

Any claim for a complimentary birthday reward must be made via the Starbucks Rewards loyalty programme.

Online or via the Starbucks mobile app, it’s simple to sign up. There are numerous more advantages to being a Rewards member.

Spending Stars earned with each purchase may be redeemed for free food and drink for members of the rewards programme. Getting a free drink on your birthday is a common perk.

A complimentary food item might be your Birthday Reward instead of a free beverage. There is a wide variety of options available to you.

There Is No Limit On How Much Starbucks Will Give You For Free on Your Birthday

On your birthday, you can enjoy a free standard-sized Starbucks drink.

So, if you’re craving a venti iced mocha, go ahead and get one!

When you get a birthday incentive at Starbucks, you may choose anything on the menu, including artisan drinks and snacks.

When ordering a beverage from Starbucks you may choose from the following sizes: short (the smallest), tall (the largest), grande (the hottest), venti cold (the coldest), and trenta.

Only a few iced drinks, such Starbucks Refreshers and iced coffee, are available in the trenta size.

Free birthday drinks may be ordered for the specific size of beverage you choose as long as it is available.

It’s possible to use your Starbucks birthday reward to buy any standard-sized beverage with two adjustments.

However, you cannot use your Starbucks birthday gift to purchase a beverage in a size or flavour that is not currently available on the Starbucks menu (so no trenta frappuccinos, unfortunately.)

As a birthday gift, you can’t use your reward on Starbucks coffee traveller to go carriers, which can serve up to 12 people.

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