Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Other News

queen sugar season 7 release date

Queen Sugar is a television drama series that Ava DuVernay created for the Oprah Winfrey Network. Along with Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Sparks, and Melissa Carter, DuVernay is an executive producer.

The show’s first season debuted on September 6, 2016, while the second season began on June 20, 2017. Release dates for the third and fourth seasons are May 29 and June 12, respectively. The sixth season was released on September 7, 2021, and the fifth season debuted on February 16, 2021. The seventh season of the show has already been ordered by the creators.

When will Queen Sugar Season 7 be available? What’s the storyline? Who would return to play the main characters? For more information, keep reading.

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What happened in Queen Sugar Season 6 Ending?

Nova tells Ralph Angel and Charley their land has a mass grave from 1887. Charley says Landry is overextended. They may be able to prevent the Bordelon farm from being developed if they can divert Sam Landry’s attention by having Ralph Angel’s farmer’s co-op bid on land where Sam plans to build a mall. Dominic uses his contacts to quickly declare the Bordelon property a historical site.

Billie tells Prosper her children are grown, she and Vince are more than friends, and she’s considering staying in St. Jo’s. Micah apologises to Isalah for his reaction to homophobic insults at his art display. Micah pretends to like Isaiah while knowing he’s not gay.

They decide to be pals. Parker instead of Sam Landry meets Charley. Parker threatens to arrest Ralph Angel if the Bordelons don’t surrender the farm. Theo says he’s had it with the Landrys and will reveal how they set up Ralph Angel.

Parker says the Bordelon family can keep their farm if the farmer’s co-op withdraws their land request. Davis surprised Charley with a late-night picnic in Louisiana. Charley says she understands and accepts Davis’ offer. Darla’s water breaks at the farm. Midwife and doula won’t make it. Darla and her husband are giving delivery in the bathtub. Blue wants a sister.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Plot Speculations

queen sugar season 7 plot

The seventh season of Queen Sugar will undoubtedly pick up where the sixth season left off, despite the fact that the producers have not provided many details regarding the plot.

The show centres on the lives of three siblings who reside in rural Louisiana: Ralph Angel Bordelon, a single father who is unemployed and is raising his son alone; Charley Bordelon, a working mother and wife from Los Angeles; and Nova Bordelon, a formidable journalist and activist from New Orleans.

After passing away lately, their father suddenly left each of his three children in Louisiana an equal share of an 800-acre sugarcane property. Charley, a recent divorcee whose husband is embroiled in a controversy, moves to rural Louisiana with her teenage son Micah to run the farm.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

The main characters from the first six seasons should return to reprise their roles, speaking of the cast. With regard to the lead roles, this includes Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Nicholas L. Ashe, Omar Dorsey, Tina Lifford, and Bianca Lawson.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Queen Sugar’s most recent season began in September 2021 and ended in November 2021. The producers teased a seventh season before Season 6 ended, and it has now been officially confirmed that the seventh season will debut in 2022, albeit an exact date has not yet been revealed.

The amount of episodes for the upcoming season has not yet been determined because it varied during the first six seasons. Warner Bros. Television Distribution distributes the show.

queen sugar season 7

The last season will debut on September 6 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, the cable network said over the weekend. After so many years, it’s hard to say goodbye to a show like this, but it’s also hard to feel sorry. This run is incredible! There are so few shows that survive to this point, especially on cable.

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What Ava DuVernay Says About Queen Sugar Season 7

The series’ creator has been aware of the ending for some time, and she will come back to helm the last instalment. “I didn’t consider how to reach the conclusion; I simply knew what it will be. I’m enthused about where it’s all headed, so as we continue to write, the adventure will be to make progress toward the destination, DuVernay previously told Deadline in 2021.

Hopefully the story will come to a happy conclusion. According to Lifford, who was speaking about the satisfying season 6 ending and what it signifies for season 7, “Black joy looks beautiful on this family.” The conclusion included the Bordelon siblings growing their families: Nova and Dominic got together, Davis and Charley decided to get remarried and relocate to Los Angeles, and Ralph Angel and Darla welcomed a kid. “This is a start, but it can’t and won’t be all happy times all the time.”

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