Usps Lost Mailbox Key (2022 Updated): Get Everything Access Quickly

usps lost mailbox key

If you’re waiting for critical mail, you’ll need to have access to your USPS mail. There are a couple methods to receive a new mailbox key if you lose yours. Whether you use a post office key, a community key, or a home key determines which path you should take.

Usps Lost Mailbox Key

If you’ve misplaced a few keys over the years, you may want to invest in a new lock to keep unwanted visitors out of your mailbox. Here’s how to acquire a new lock or key for your business or residential mailbox.

Sending And Receiving Postal Service Box Keys

At the beginning of your service, you’ll be given two keys to open a mailbox at the post office where your mail is being delivered. You may seek a new key after losing both of the original keys by filing a United States Postal Service form 1094 and by paying the refundable key deposit and a key charge.

The post office can replace lost or stolen keys for free if you bring your old ones in with you.

Got Locked Out Of Your Post Office?

If you misplace your primary key, you’ll have a backup in the form of a USPS post office box. USPS Form 1093 must be filled out in the event that you lose both of your keys. You should be able to receive new post office box keys for free if your old ones are worn out or broken.

The cost of a new USPS PO box key varies by state and location, as well as the kind of box you possess. Replacements cost roughly $10 on average. Replacement costs for mailboxes not owned by your local post office may vary depending on the following factors:

  • labour costs for a locksmith or maintenance worker
  • the price of installing a new mailbox
  • what it takes to get the task done

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You’ve Misplaced The Keys To Your Community Mailbox

People who live in apartment complexes or other communal areas use community mailboxes to receive and drop off mail. In the event that you are a tenant and lose your key, tell the building administration immediately. You should notify your landlord or owner of the property of the loss in writing and in person, depending on the requirements of the property.

The procedure is different if your mailbox is part of a neighbourhood or cluster that is linked to the post office. If you don’t have a spare, you’ll have to perform the following:

  • Locate the USPS post office in charge of looking after your mailbox on the internet.
  • Form and pay the price (usually $20 or more) for replacement of new keys.
  • Email notification will be sent to you when your replacement key is available for pick-up. There is a need for you to present a government-issued ID.
  • On the notification card, verify the mailbox number and location.

A new key should be provided free of charge if your old one fails to unlock your mailbox lock. If you’re unable to open the lock with any key, it’s possible that the lock has to be replaced. To change a mailbox lock, follow these steps:

  • Ask your unit manager or the US Postal Service (USPS) to make the modification.
  • A Delivery Notice Card will be left on your doorstep by the post office after they update your lock. You can find the location of your keys on the card.
  • To acquire the new keys, bring the card with you. To reserve a room, you may be required to pay a deposit and present proof of identity.

Keys To The Mailboxes Of Single-Family Homes

Your mailbox item number might help you get a new key for your private house. Contact the manufacturer to get this information. To prove that you own the mailbox, you’ll need to present evidence of purchase. Once you’ve paid the manufacturer, you’ll get a new key in the mail, which might take several days and cost anything from $7 to $15.

For a more expensive solution, you may hire a locksmith to unlock your box and provide you a new key. Depending on where you reside, service calls may cost as little as $15; in addition, you’ll have to pay for labour and hardware. First, do some research to see whether you can save money by purchasing a new mailbox.


How Safe Are Mailboxes Secured By Their Locks?

Low security mailbox locks are available, as are those that provide the appearance of security. A high-security lock on a mailbox is seldom necessary because of the mailbox’s inherent weaknesses. Lock pickers and brute force methods can unlock most mailbox locks. Prying assaults that don’t bother with the lock are the most common method of opening mailboxes.

Is It Necessary To Use Lock Picks To Open A Mailbox That Is Locked?

In order to open a mailbox without the use of lock picking, there are a number of options. To access your mailbox without harming the lock or the box, you are searching for how to pick a mailbox lock. However, For rookie lock pickers, improvised tools have a lower success rate than necessary equipment, therefore be mindful of this.

If The Lock On Your Mailbox Is Broken, Can You Pick It?

If the key doesn’t work with the lock, it’s a broken lock. A key cannot do anything a key cannot do, hence traditional lock picking relies on emulating a key. If you’re dealing with a damaged mailbox lock, your only option is to drill or pry the latch open and replace it. Consult a locksmith to avoid damaging your mailbox during the procedure.

Where Can I Receive A Replacement Mailbox key? “

Even if you’ve misplaced your mailbox key, your property management may be willing to make a new one for you. Please contact your local post office if you have any questions about the mailbox. Replacing the lock on a personal mailbox is frequently the easiest option when there is no backup key.

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