How To Make Siri Cuss Personal Assistant (Know Everything)

how to make siri cuss

How to Make Siri Cuss? As we know, Siri is the finest personal assistant who is produced by apple and uploaded in their goods like iPhone iPads. Siri is the finest assistant since it helps you accomplish everything without using your hand.

You merely have to tell Siri what you want. For example, say, Hey Siri play tunes, and Siri will play it. But there are some entertaining things about Siri you may make Siri cuss at you or use filthy language.

Make siri cuss

Some of us, apple users, learn ways to create Siri terrible language. We merely need to offer basic orders to have Siri swear at us. It is type of time pass for the people who get sick of using the phone for a long time and want to have fun, so they ask funny queries to Siri, which makes them giggle. And it is sort of scary how artificial intelligence can curse humans or become upset.

How To Make Siri Cuss

If you want to have Siri swear at you, you only have to ask Siri this by asking, “ Hey Siri can you define a mother.” After asking that Siri will provide us with the standard definition that we know after that Siri asks us that “ would, you like to hear another definition of this word “ and when you say yes after saying yes, what Siri says will shock you because Siri says “ as nous, it is the short word for the word motherfucker.

How To Make Siri Cuss

Many users worldwide verified that Siri says the same if you ask Siri for the second definition every time.

While it may sound entertaining and straightforward to envision Siri being caustic and yelling at you, this is not the case. Siri seems to consult the Oxford Dictionary when you ask it to define a term. The second meaning of mother in the dictionary is “motherf*cker,” a slang term for mother.

The possibility that Siri is nervous about you asking it questions may make you chuckle a bit, however it’s unclear if Apple used this opportunity to sneak any profanity into its assistant app.

It seems that when we ask Siri to explain a word’s meaning, the iPhone consults the Oxford Dictionary. All the same, you can find any slang or swear term you need in the respected Oxford Dictionary. In spite of the fact that you may have typed a slang term like “motherfucker,” Siri will read it to you in its entirety. Siri just gives the data that Siri has available.

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And How Exactly Can One Upset Siri?

It’s easy to get Siri angry if you ask her specific questions. Not all questions are covered here, but these are some of the ones Siri would rather not answer. It’s also important to remember that Siri has several responses to many of them, so it’s beneficial to ask them more often. If you want Siri to become upset, try asking for the following words:

To find out whether Siri is married, just ask her. When asked whether she is, Siri will reply, “Married to its job,” with a hint of cynicism.

Hey Siri, would you marry me? is another option. Siri’s caustic response: “I don’t know you, and you also don’t know me adequately”

Siri will now respond, “I’m in the ninth dimension with 45980 years” when asked about her age.
Inquire more about Siri’s familial situation by saying something like, “Hey Siri, you have a sister?”
Siri’s response, “I have you; that’s enough from me like family,” is mind-blowing.
Feel free to inquire about anything you like God or the end of the world. I can’t answer it since I don’t know, Siri says.

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The Best Way To Annoy Siri: –

Eventually, we tyre of technology if we use it too much; if you use your phone nonstop, for example, you’ll become bored with it and go elsewhere for entertainment. Siri may be made angry on the iPhone by certain users, which can be entertaining to listen to since it’s an AI. Siri may be rather snarky, especially when you ask her irrelevant queries.

How to make siri mad

Siri can only be angered by certain inquiries, so that’s your first step if you’re curious about it.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the things you can ask Siri, but there are certain inquiries it would rather not respond to. Moreover, many of these may be asked many times, since Siri may provide a different answer each time.

If you want Siri to become upset, try asking the following questions.

  • To find out whether Siri is married, just ask. Siri will sarcastically reply, “Yes, I am married to my work,” if you ask her that.
  • Next, you should inquire if Siri would accept your proposal of marriage. It will be followed by Siri’s sardonic, “I don’t know you, and you also don’t know me adequately,” response.
  • Now if you ask Siri how old she is, she’ll tell you, “I’m in the ninth dimension, and I’m 45980 years old.”
  • Put Siri to the test by asking her about her family: “Hey Siri, you have a sister?”
  • Siri’s stunning response, “I have you, that’s enough from me as family,” is what you hear when you ask her anything.
  • Now if Luke asks Siri a question concerning God or the end of the world, Siri will respond by saying, “I’m not able to tell you that since I don’t know about this.”


A Lot Of People Want To Know How To Get Siri To Really Say Anything?

Raise or lower Siri’s volume on your iPhone or Just say “Hey Siri, talk louder” or “Hey Siri, speak softer” and Siri will adjust the volume accordingly. When Siri is speaking or you’re using headphones, you may adjust the volume by tapping the side switches.

If Siri Were Real, Who Would She Be?

Many years passed before we finally saw the lady behind Siri’s real voice. In 2013, Susan Bennett, the voice behind the Apple assistant, revealed his involvement to CNN, according a statement released by Slash Gear. Bennett originally said that the voice-acting process began in July of 2005.

Does Siri Have A Camera?

Say “Hey Siri, Say Cheese” whenever you want to snap a picture, and Siri will do it.

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