When Does Valorant Act End And Details About The Next Act !!

when valorant act end

On June 22, 2022, patch 5.0 allowed Valorant episode five, act one to be made available to players. They removed the Split ability, gave players access to the updated Pearl, and made a whole lot of other adjustments.

However, because this content will not be accessible indefinitely, a fresh patch will soon be made available. Fortunately, Riot has kindly provided players with two months to make the most of all the new content before releasing the next patch.

despite the fact that there is very little information available concerning the most recent patch that has been released. Let’s take a look at how much time remains till the next patch, as well as what features we will be missing out on.

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What we get from Valornat Episode 5 Act 1?

The game now includes an entirely new playable map. Pearl creates a picture-perfect setting with its setting in an undersea metropolis that is safe from the natural calamities that occur above. The battle pass also came with various additional skins that could be applied to a variety of different Valorant weapons.

A brand new bundle called the prelude to Chaos skin collection was just uploaded to the marketplace. The science fiction-inspired weapon skins took on the appearance of a purple oil slick, which helped to seamlessly integrate them into the game.

The elimination of Split was a disappointing change included in this latest version. The players of Valorant were not pleased with this adjustment, which was made to make room for Pearl.

When does Valorant Act End?

when does valorant episode end

The battle pass indicates that the conclusion of this act will take place on August 23. The 23rd of August is the date that you should most likely keep an eye out for because most battle passes last for roughly two months.

Speculation is inevitable given the current state of affairs. There has not yet been a date that has been confirmed, and given that Riot is still a week away, this could be subject to change.

How does Valorant battle pass works?

Players are able to show their support for the Valorant team and earn prizes for doing so through a system called the Battle Pass. Purchasing a Battle Pass will set you back one thousand Valorant Points, which may be done at the shop.

The majority of the goods that are awarded are purely aesthetic, such as playercards, weapon skins, weapon charms (sometimes known as “gun friends”), sprays, and radianite points. The awards are dispersed throughout all 50 tiers of the Battle Pass progression system. If a player does not want to spend money on the Battle Pass, they can still proceed through the game and earn some limited rewards.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Release Date

The release date for Episode 5 Act 2 of Valorant has been set for August 24, 2022; however, there is currently no official release date for the next act.

Nevertheless, Riot Games will typically publish new versions of Valorant at a specific time each month, and these will be formatted like-

  • 6 am PT
  • 2 pm BST
  • 8 am CT
  • 9 am ET
valorant new episode

As is customary when new acts are released, the server for the game will be unavailable for agents for approximately three hours. As a result, there will be no games played between the hours of 6 and 9 in the morning Pacific Time.

Agents, on the other hand, will be able to rejoin the game when this event has concluded and access all of the newly added content.Along with the beginning of a new season comes the temporary deactivation of the competitive queue for a period of time.

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What to expect from Valorant Episode 5 Next Act?

Riot Games has revealed that they will be releasing a completely new skin line known as Daedlus, despite the fact that the tweet announcement was published shortly after.

Fans should also look out for a new spy with the codename Mage, who goes by the name Varun Batra in real life.

According to the rumours, he will be an Indian mystic whose specialty would be water, and he will have a long history in India.

Pearl, a fresh new map designed by Valorant, took the place of Split shortly after it was released. Therefore, we will not be getting a new map, nor will Split be making a comeback any time soon.

How many episodes does Valorant have?

About once every six or seven months, a new Episode is released for Valorant. These Episodes are broken up into three Acts, and each Act is around two months long. The following is a list of all five episodes of Valorant that have been made available for download by Riot Games as of right now:

  • Episode 1: Ignition
  • Episode 2: Formation
  • Episode 3: Reflection
  • Episode 4: Disruption
  • Episode 5: Dimension

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