Who Is Ariana Grande Married To? Everything About Her Husband !!

who is ariana married to

Dalton Gomez is now Ariana Grande’s husband, but who exactly is he, when and how did the two of them first meet, and when did they decide to start dating?

Ariana Grande, who just recently tied the knot, is smitten with her former boyfriend, who is now her husband (!!! ), Dalton Gomez, and she doesn’t care who finds out about it.

The singer, whose most recent album was titled “Positions” and was released in 2020, is very private about her personal life, including her relationship with Dalton. However, we do know that the two of them are married, and they appear to be very content with each other.

After being married to Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande has shared some stunning wedding photos with the public.But who exactly is Dalton, how did Ariana first come into contact with him, and at what point did the two of them decide to start dating? Let’s have a peek.

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About Dalton Gomez- Ariana Grande’s Husband

Dalton, Ariana’s spouse, is a property mogul who works for Aaron Kirman Group, a premium real estate firm in Los Angeles.

On the company’s website, Dalton possesses his own personal profile, in which it is stated that he was born and raised in Southern California and has spent the past five years working in the luxury real estate industry. Dalton, a successful businessman, is probably 26 years old.

How does they meet?

According to reports, Ari and Dalton started dating around the beginning of 2020. He “used to be a dancer,” so they have a lot of acquaintances in common, according to E! News, and they “run in the same circle.” One of them is reportedly Miley Cyrus, and we all know how deeply in love Miley and Ari are!

The confinement in California, they said, helped the couple get to know one another better: “She’s gotten to know him rapidly with the quarantine. At home, they had been spending a lot of time alone.

Do you recall the time she was photographed in a pub kissing an unknown man? It appears that was him! The couple has succeeded in keeping their romance out of the public eye, but keen Instagram followers have noticed the couple’s rare appearances on one another’s feeds.

Months of rumours about Ari’s relationship status were put to rest when she shared a video of them dancing for the “Stuck With U” music video in lockdown part one, confirming their relationship.

They got married a little over a year after they first appeared together in public! According to reports, the couple wed on May 15, 2021, in a small ceremony at the singer’s Montecito home. The pair picked the location because “both Ari and Dalton love [the town],” a source told People. There, they spend a lot of time. It seems only fitting that they would exchange vows at Ari’s lovely and old-fashioned home. sighs from 350 square foot apartment in New York

Ari finally came through on May 26 and shared pictures from the important day since she knew we would all be holding our breath until she did (including her gorge Vera Wang dress, ofc).

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Ariana Grande’s Total Relationship History

Graham Phillips, an actor, and Grande originally met while performing in the Broadway show 13, and they dated until 2011. After dating English singer Nathan Sykes from August to December 2013, she dated rapper Big Sean from October 2014 until April 2015.

Following the release of “The Way” with Mac Miller in 2012, the two began dating in 2016. They collaborated on the song “My Favorite Part,” which was released in September 2016 and can be found on Miller’s album The Divine Feminine. (2016). By May 2018, their romance had come to an end. [458] In September of that same year, Miller unintentionally overdosed on narcotics, and Grande blogged about her sorrow on social media, referring to him as her “dearest friend.”

ariana grande relationship

In May 2018, the comedian and actress Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande began dating. They were engaged the next month. They called off their engagement and went their separate ways in October 2018.

Grande began dating real estate agent Dalton Gomez in January 2020. The music video for her and Justin Bieber’s charity song “Stuck With U” made their connection known, despite the fact that they tended to keep it to themselves. On December 20, 2020, Grande announced their engagement after 11 months of dating.

On May 15, 2021, they were married in a small ceremony at her home in Montecito, California. She wore a dress designed especially for the occasion by Vera Wang. Her wedding images became the most liked celebrity Instagram post with over 25 million likes.

What else we know about Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez Wedding

Ariana Grande Husband

Soon after their wedding, several sources revealed some of the key explanations for Ari and Dalton’s connection (be prepared to cry for this one).

“Frankie, Aria’s brother, and Aria’s mother are ecstatic for her. One source told Entertainment Tonight that she believes Dalton “truly balances Ariana out and allows her to be her genuine self.” The fact that Dalton accepts and loves Arianna for who she is is something Arianna values. She appreciates his work ethic and slight nerdiness. Additionally, he is highly protective of her and goes above and beyond to fulfil her wishes.

They are a terrific fit together, according to a different insider who spoke to People. Dalton is really reassuring for her because he is completely unconcerned by the extent of her fame. He is a young man, yet he is wise and is aware of his goals in life.

He is very dedicated and hardworking, according to a another source who repeated the same thoughts. He is reserved and dislikes the spotlight. He is not impressed by famous people. He’s ideal for her. Their union has been fairly unique.

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