Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date: Current Understanding Of Apple’s Series

apple watch series 8 release date

There are only a few weeks till the September 7 scheduled introduction of the Apple Watch Series 8, but much information regarding Apple’s next-generation wrist-worn device have already slipped out.

This website includes all of the theories and conjecture about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Keep in mind that Apple has not officially confirmed any of these features, and that their plans may have changed.


apple latest watch design

Several theories circulated before the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 7 stating that Apple was working on a new design incorporating flat edges like those of the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, but this was not the case.

The luxury Apple Watch Series 8 is believed to feature a similar design with a flat display, albeit it is not anticipated to have flat sides. One leaker of Apple Watch details, known only as ShrimpApplePro, has claimed that “there is a flat front glass display” in the works.

There probably won’t be any cosmetic modifications made to the ordinary Apple Watch Series 8 models from the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Price of an Apple Watch 8 Could Go Up

popularity of apple watch series 8

Likewise, the Apple Watch 8’s price is currently unknown. Yet Apple has kept its pricing consistent for a while now, so next year’s Apple Watch is likely going to be the same price as the Apple Watch 7.

The base model Apple Watch 7 costs $399, while the bigger 45mm variant and cellular connection cost extra. If you’re looking for a discount, head on over to our Apple Store coupons page and see if we have any special offers posted.

Possible new Apple Watch 8 features

While it appears that blood glucose readers will make their way into Apple smartwatches in the future, recent allegations from noted tipster Mark Gurman have doubled-down on the assumption that the Apple Watch 8 will have a body temperature sensor.

The ability to take one’s own temperature (internally and externally) may be helpful in determining a woman’s or man’s fertility and in diagnosing fevers. Should we expect the Apple Watch 8’s rumoured body temperature sensor to be useful?

Our current state of knowledge is as follows. Given that the focus of the newly revealed Apple Watch 7 sizes in the fall was on design, we expect the 2022 model will have internal enhancements. Just how things will progress is anyone’s guess.

What would you call the Apple watch of the future?

apple watch series 8 release date

Unlike the iPhone, Apple has stuck with the original naming scheme for the Watch. Apple has used yearly increments of 1 since the introduction of the Apple Watch, starting with Series 1.

Therefore, the Apple Watch that follows the Series 7 in 2021 is likely to be called the Apple Watch Series 8 when it is unveiled the following year, in 2022.

Though the Apple Watch Pro is built to last, a cheaper Apple Watch SE is rumoured to be in the pipeline. At this moment, neither their identity nor the timeline for their freedom are known.

The next watch or watches will almost definitely run Apple’s watchOS 9, which was introduced at the company’s developer conference.

New features for the Apple Watch

Among the many fascinating technologies that Apple has patented and which could one day be included in Apple Watch devices is a biometric verification function that validates the identity of the wearer by analysing the unique patterns of their skin.

Having this feature built into the Apple Watch would eliminate the need to input a passcode whenever you want to access your watch.

Videos of Apple watch series 8

What the next-generation Apple Watch, the Model 8, needs to improve upon and why

The Apple Watch has had a battery life rating of 18 hours for some time now, and that rating has only gone up over time. There is no way to escape a daily charge, even though the company has included more power-hungry features like an always-on display.

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FAQs – Question Asked

Should we expect Apple to release the Watch 8 in 2022?

Size Modification. One of the upcoming Series 8 Apple Watch models expected in 2022 will reportedly have a screen that is five percent larger, as reported by display analyst Ross Young.

According to rumours, the diagonal size of the Apple Watch display will be 1.99 inches, making it somewhat larger than the 1.901-inch display on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7.

I was wondering if you had any idea when Apple was planning to release their next-generation watch.

The debut of Season 4 will occur on September 21, 2018. On September 20, 2019, the premiere of the fifth season will air.

The Series 6 and SE will be released on the 18th of September, 2020. Season seven will kick off on October 15, 2021. date set for (September 14, 2021) announcement

Can the Apple Watch be expected to break down after so many years?

It’s conceivable the device will still work and pair with an iPhone, but it’s not been updated in a while, so it’s not completely safe to use.

This means that even if the Apple Watch is in perfect condition, its functional life expectancy is more correctly predicted to be between three and four years.

Is a glucose monitor coming to the Apple Watch 8?

The Journal and Bloomberg report that some of these features include glucose monitoring, an oxygen alarm tool, sleep apnea detection, and blood pressure tracking. However, such improvements to the Apple Watch are probably still a ways off.

Does the Apple watch get damaged if it gets wet?

The Apple Watch is resistant to water, but not waterproof. The Apple Watch is designed to be worn and utilised in a wide range of conditions, including during exercise (sweat exposure is fine), in the rain, and even when washing one’s hands.

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