Droidkit: Android Data Recovery, Unlock And System Repair (Updated 2022)


DroidKit, created by iMobie, is a suite of diagnostic tools for Android devices that can be accessed from a computer. Some problems with Android phones and tablets may be fixed with the help of the included tools. Using these applications, you may restore deleted information, troubleshoot programme problems, and clear up storage space by removing superfluous data. DroidKit may be used with devices made by Google, Samsung, and others on both Windows and macOS.

A trial version of DroidKit is available for download. Access to the whole set of tools for one low annual price. All of the below-mentioned functions may be utilised independently, and each can be bought individually.

Explain In Detail What DroidKit Is

Recver lost data via droidkit
  • DroidKit is the very first all-inclusive Android solution, and it can do anything from recover deleted files to unlock a locked phone or restore data from a damaged system.
  • Data may be retrieved without needing to get root access. Quick Recovery is a feature of DroidKit that allows you to quickly check your phone’s storage, locate missing data, and restore it.
  • Profound Healing with an Unparalleled Success Rate. Additionally, users have the option of selecting Deep Recovery, which does a more comprehensive scan and returns the most likely results for recovering deleted files.
  • Preview and retrieve information from Google backups, WhatsApp backups, and Google Photos/Contacts/Calendar using DroidKit.
  • Recover Information from a Deleted Device. It is possible for users to transfer information from a damaged Samsung phone to a working Android device or a PC.
  • SD Card Data Restoration. DroidKit makes it easy to restore lost data, whether it was accidentally deleted or the SD card was formatted.
  • Unlock your device without having to root it. No matter what kind of screen lock you have—PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, or face recognition—DroidKit can bypass it.
  • Remove the Need to Root Your Android Device. DroidKit fixes any and all system issues, such as a dark screen, freezing, unresponsive touchscreen, crashed applications, etc. There’s no need to dig a hole and plant roots.
  • Reinstalling/Upgrading to a Newer Version of Android. With DroidKit, the user can quickly and easily choose a safe official ROM for the Android version they want, and then install it on their smartphone with a single click. There’s no need to dig a hole and plant roots.

What Resources Are Available In DroidKit?

1. Quickly Resurrect Your Nonworking Cell Phone

DroidKit doesn’t simply recover lost information; it also recovers your locked or frozen smartphone. You won’t have to wait weeks or months for your phone to return. In a matter of minutes, you may regain access to a fully functional smartphone.

2. Disable All Screen Locks

Having trouble entering your lock screen password? Are you unable to unlock your phone using a fingerprint or facial scan? A broken screen prevents you from entering your PIN. Access to your phone may be restored instantly, no matter the cause of your blockage. It may bypass every security measure used to protect a screen, including PINs, passwords, patterns, fingerprints, and face recognition. All Android smartphones are compatible, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more. There’s no need to dig a hole and plant roots. Only a few mouse clicks are required.

3. Data Rescue For Samsung Devices With Corrupted Systems

If your Samsung smartphone crashes and you lose important files, messages, or documents, you may utilise this tool to get them back. All of the aforementioned 13 categories of information may be extracted using simply a Windows or Mac computer and this tool.

Furthermore, if your Samsung smartphone has a system crash resulting in a black screen, frozen screen, or unresponsive touch, you may use this function to get access to your data, examine the necessary data, and extract the vital data before it is permanently erased.

If there are any duplicate files, DroidKit will skip them throughout the extraction process so that your recovered data is not skewed.

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4. Take Information From A Google Account

Photos, contacts, WhatsApp conversations, calendar, etc., may all be backed up and synchronised in a user’s Google Drive account. In a similar vein, Google stores a lot of information and also backs up your WhatsApp messages and contacts. Therefore, it may be a useful resource for information retrieval in the event of an Android device failure or malware infection.

You may use DroidKit to access, preview, and then extract information from your Google Drive, Google account, or Google backup and use it in any way you choose.

Seven distinct categories of information may be extracted using DroidKit from various Google services; they include WhatsApp data (Google Drive), text messages, call logs, and WiFi data (Google backups), and photographs, contacts, and calendars (Google account).

The use of SSL-256 encryption and DroidKit’s commitment to user privacy make this a particularly useful feature. Rest assured that your Google account passwords and other sensitive data will never be shared with a third party.

5. Google Lock Can Be Disabled Quickly And Easily

what is droidkit

Just bought a used phone from someone who forgot to turn off the Factory Reset Protection? After a failed factory data reset, you find yourself in FRP lock but you can’t remember your account information. Just delete it! The programme boasts the best success rate in the business because to the individualised solutions developed for each Android version and device type.

It’s a great option for those who would rather avoid technology since it requires no special training or expertise. The process of regaining access to your phone is seamless and will take place promptly.

6. Instantly Retrieve Deleted Files From Your Device (Even If You don’t Have Root)

The developers of the software have felt the pain of losing data, whether it be photos of a loved one or proof in a legal case. It quickly scans your phone’s storage using the cutting-edge Quick Recovery method and recovers up to thirteen different categories of data—pretty much anything you use on a daily basis.

We have full compatibility with any device running the Android operating system. There will be no device rooting. No technical knowledge is needed. Avoid waiting around for days. What you’ve lost is only a few clicks away from being restored.

7. Read Information From A SIM card

In the event that you lose your Android handset, the SIM card is your sole hope of recovering your contacts.

DroidKit is a useful tool for quickly and easily transferring the information stored on your SIM card to your computer or mobile device. The SIM card information you get will be in.VCF format, making it easier to handle and customise for your needs.

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Alls Solution For Your SmartPhone

Problems with your Android smartphone may arise from a wide variety of sources, so it’s important to always have a solid fix on hand. When a trustworthy option like DroidKit is available, there’s no need to risk losing your data permanently or take your handset to a repair shop.

All the capabilities listed above attest to the fact that DroidKit contains everything an Android device owner needs to troubleshoot and repair their device on their own. The vast majority of its data recovery and Android system repair options do not need you to root your smartphone.

While there are a number of programmes available that make similar claims, DroidKit stands out as the most flexible and effective option for restoring lost data or fixing Android system faults.

So, if you’re not convinced by my description of DroidKit’s capabilities, you can try it out for yourself by downloading it and installing it on a Windows or Mac computer.

As an additional thought, if you are an Android fanatic, maybe you could explain why you appreciate Android more than Apple’s iOS. And if you purchase a DroidKit licence, you’re entered into a drawing for a Samsung Galaxy S21.

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